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Best Fat Burning WorkoutsUsing your own body weight, combined with running, is a very natural way to test how far your limits can go in regards to stamina and cardiovascular endurance. Full body workouts are also great for creating the best fat burning workouts for you, and they are definitely supreme.

However, as far as these types of workouts are concerned, some are less effective than others. The workouts below are some of the best fat burning workouts that you can do. They will help you burn any unwanted body fat that you may have.

They can be done alone or incorporated into your current workout regimen. They will yield the best results in the shortest period of time possible.

300 Workout

In the movie “300”, the actors involved had to take part in a grueling training in order to get into the type of conditioned shape fit for a Spartan. Aptly named, the actors did a 300 Workout. To the actors’ delight, each exercise is not preformed 300 times.

Instead, the sum of the reps of the complete workout equals 300. A breakdown of the workout is detailed below:

1. Pull-ups (25 reps)
2. Deadlifts (50 reps)
3. Pushups (50 reps)
4. Box jumps on a 24-inch platform (50 reps)
5. Floor wipers using 135 lbs. (50 reps)
6. Clean and press using 36 lbs. (50 reps)
7. Pull ups (25 reps)

Use your entire mite to finish the reps as quickly as you can. Be sure to keep proper form at the forefront of your mind. Andrew Pleavin, who played Daxos, the Arcadians’ leader, was able to complete the workout in a whopping 18 minutes.

You do not have to finish faster than his time; however, this number gives you a great goal point. It gives you an idea of how well a Spartan can train.


Deadlifts exercise your entire body in an efficient manner. It is an absolute time saver if you are in a hurry and do not want to do an extensive workout. In this workout, it is required that you do as many reps that you can complete in a matter of 10 minutes. The only equipment that you will need to complete this workout is a dumbbell that is at least five pounds.

Start by standing with both of your feet at a hip-width apart distance, and place the dumbbell between your feet on the floor. Bend forward, keeping your knees bent, and push your hips backwards. Then, pick up the weight.

Stand up, and place the weight back onto the floor. This is one repetition. When you go down to pick up the weight, make sure that your chest remains up. Doing this will make sure that you do not apply too much strain to your lower back.


To do the burpee part of this workout, while standing position your feet at a hip-width apart distance. Squat down, and put your hands onto the floor. Place them under your shoulders. While your hands are planted, jump until your feet are behind you.

Land with your hands and feet on the floor. Then, jump your feet towards your hands, while being sure to keep your hands planted on the ground. Jump upwards while clapping your hands together over your head.

Return to the standing position from the beginning. Complete as many of these burpees as you can in a 10-minute span.

The typical intention of the best fat burning workouts is to drop pounds and become toned and defined, while improving your overall fitness level. To see the best results, do your favorite fat burning workout a minimum of four times a week. If you practice steadily, you will soon become leaner and stronger!

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