Bodyweight Exercises To Build Strength – Tips And Advice

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Bodyweight Exercises To Build Strength


You will often walk into a gym and find that every bit of equipment is in use, and you have to wait to do your required exercises. Instead of getting discouraged, it is better if you find some corner of the gym or even go to the local park and use your body weight to do exercises that can help you to reduce your fat and help you to gain strength.

Bodyweight exercises use your body weight to give your body the workout that it needs. Most people who are into exercising are already familiar with push-ups, squats, chin-ups, sit-ups and lunges, and these are some of the best exercises for building strength.

Bodyweight exercises do not cause any imbalance as the lifting of weights or other exercises using equipment will. These exercises force you to be balanced and steady while you are exercising.

This form of exercise also requires no equipment, and all that is needed is some space and the right motivation. You also do not need to travel to the gym and book time on machines, which in itself can be a great help in our busy lives. The floor is all you need to do push-ups.

The branch of a tree or a bar in a doorway can help you to do pull-ups and chin-ups. Squats and sit-ups just require space for you to move your body and arms. You can always introduce a lot of variations in these simple exercises to find the best exercises that can help you to build your strength. Properly done all these exercises can develop both strength and stamina.

You are using your bodyweight as resistance to all these exercises, and as there are no unnatural loads the tendons, ligaments and joints become that much stronger. Bodybuilding styles of training can make your stomach muscles stronger, but will leave your supporting tendons weak and vulnerable to injuries.

All movements in bodyweight exercises are natural and will never cause any undue stress on any part of the body. They use the entire body as resistance, and this makes all the parts of the body participate in every exercise.

Even crawling can be a form of exercise with body weight and is very useful to work out the entire body. Crawl for five minutes a day and see how much it adds to your strength and mobility. A one leg squat is also one of the best exercises using body weight. It makes you more stable and challenges the strength of each leg.

It sounds simple, but is an exercise that takes a lot of strength and stamina. Squats in a standing position are also exercises that seem easy, but are great for body strength and must be repeated at least a hundred times. Handstand push-ups need a wall against which you can rest while you lower your head to the floor and push up once again using your hands while the wall helps you to balance.

There are many exercises that you can use to build strength with bodyweight. One arm push-ups, sound simple, but require a lot of effort, and if you can do ten at a time, you will have done yourself a lot of good.

Walking on your hands is another way to give your shoulders strength and stability. You may require some help when you do this initially, but once you have mastered the art of walking on your hands, you will feel proud to show off this prowess. The push-ups, the pull-ups and squats can be exercises that must be part of any routine that uses bodyweight to build strength.

Squats are considered the best of these exercises and do not need any additional weight for them to be effective. You need to squat down completely for this exercise to be always effective. This action forces you to lift your total body weight when you are getting up and is an exercise that helps every muscle in the lower body.

Make sure that your routine includes all these exercises and keep varying them so that you are never bored or find exercising monotonous. Perform each set of exercise to the level where you are fatigued and can work out no more. Take proper rest between exercise groups and also, make sure you give your body sufficient rest during the week to help it to repair the muscles…

For some great examples of bodyweight exercises to build strength you can also check the video below…


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