CT-50 Review – Is This Bodyweight Workout System For You?

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CT-50 system

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On this page we are going to review the CT-50 program by Tyler Bramlett.

To make everything more convenient for you we will break down this page into two sections:

1. A quick section with some basic information regarding the CT-50 system.

2. An in-depth review which will cover the CT-50 bodyweight workout system in details and present you with all the important information which we think you must understand about Tyler Bramlett’s program…

Basic Information

Product’s Name: CT-50

Author: Tyler Bramlett

Release Date: 2013

Learning Format: guides and videos

Refund Policy: Full money back guarantee for two months

Official Website: http://www.ct-50.com


Full Review

1. The Key Details

In simple words, “CT-50” is a comprehensive fitness program that utilizes bodyweight exercises and functional movements that are based on the concept of “Progressive Movement” in order to transform your body safely and naturally.

Tyler Bramlett, the creator of the CT-50 program, a well-known USAW Sports Performance coach, and a personal trainer, explains that his program revolves around 5 main steps.

The first step is completing several different fitness challenges in order to determine what your starting level is. After you know what your level is and determine how many times you will be exercising every week, you will start doing sets of unique workouts that are suitable only for your level.

Once you have performed all of the workouts that are required for your level you will check your results to see if you have progressed enough to move to the next level which will contain movements that are more advanced, or whether you need to keep performing the workouts at the level you are currently at before moving up.

Tyler Bramlett says that unlike many workout programs on the market that focus on long hours in the gym, advanced exercise machines, calorie counting, high intensity interval training and long cardio sessions, the CT-50 program is based on specific intense workouts. He explains that the beauty of this kind of workouts is that you can perform them at home with just a couple of hand weights or other basic equipment.

Generally, you should follow the workouts inside the CT-50 system 3-5 days per week, depending on what your preferences are, and they will take you about one hour in total per week…


2. An In-Depth Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


CT-50 Is A Very Flexible Workout Program

One of the greatest advantages of the CT-50 bodyweight workout system is that it adapts to you automatically.

The “Progressive Movement” concept enables just about any female or male to begin the program at the right level before they move on to perform workouts that are more advanced.

Another thing that is really nice is you only have to invest around one hour of your time per week, and you can also perform the workouts at home without the need of any special equipment. You also get to select how many days you will be performing the exercises.

In our opinion, this is a huge advantage, particularly if your daily schedule is very busy.

Great Step-By-Step Videos Are Available In The Video Library

Inside the CT-50 system Tyler Bramlett has included an impressive and well-organized video library containing step-by-step demonstrations of how to perform each exercise that is part of the program. The videos can either be downloaded to your computer or tablet or viewed online, and they come in high quality.

These videos will help you ensure that you don’t make the common mistakes so many people make, and achieve the best results from each workout.

Allows You To Follow Diet Plan That Is Flexible

Another thing we personally like about the CT-50 system is that it doesn’t come with specific or strict meal plans. What Tyler Bramlett focuses on instead are the kinds of foods you should eat on a daily basis to achieve the best results.

In other words, you aren’t limited to eating very specific foods in order to achieve the optimal results from the CT-50 workout program.

High Quality Bonuses

There are some very valuable bonuses included by Tyler Bramlett inside the CT-50 system. Unlike so many online fitness programs which offer bonuses that tend to be useless and don’t really relate to the program itself, the bonuses offered along with the CT-50 main components provide the users with real value and most of them are simply great.

Among the best bonus items are the “Workout Score sheets” for tracking your progress, the “CT-50 Workout Integration Guide” and the “Super Workout Smoothies” guide.

Includes A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Everything that is offered in the CT-50 bodyweight workout system, including the bonus items and the step-by-step videos, come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

This type of money back guarantee makes CT-50 a totally risk free option, and it also demonstrates how much confidence Tyler Bramlett has in his program…


The Main Cons


For Some People The Program May Be Too Intense

It is true that the workouts in the CT-50 program take just one hour per week to complete; however, many of these workouts are not easy at all, and overall the CT-50 program is much more intense than many other fitness programs we previously reviewed.

Although it is true that you begin the program at the proper level for you, which depends on what your current fitness level is, you do need to work very hard in order to achieve the promised results.

Only Available In Digital Format

You can only purchase the CT-50 system in digital edition online.

While there are some great advantages to this format, including immediate access to all of the program’s materials, and no shipping fees, people who don’t like this format will be very disappointed to learn that CT-50 isn’t available for purchase in stores or in physical format…


3. Our Verdict

Final Scores
  • Amount of Content - 9/10
  • Quality Of Content - 9/10
  • User Friendliness - 8.5/10
  • Bonus items - 9.5/10
  • Customer Support - 7.5/10
  • Overall Value For Money - 9/10

Overall, CT-50 by Tyler Bramlett is a great bodyweight workout system which gets the average rating of 8.7/10 from us. While it is true that most of the concepts that Tyler Bramlett teaches inside this system are not unique, and you can definitely find some similar programs online, there is no doubt that the simple to understand way the CT-50 system is organized gives it a huge advantage over many of its competitors…

The thing we really like about the CT-50 program is the video library that contains excellent demonstrations of all the important workouts inside the program. This makes it much easier to understand how to maximize your results and avoid injuries. In addition, the fact that this is a very flexible workout program, that you are not limited to eating very specific foods when following it, and that you also get several high quality bonuses inside the package are other things that we truly love.

All in all, if you are looking for effective, highly customized and affordable bodyweight workout system that you can follow at home, then “CT-50” may be a great choice for you.

Moreover, the sixty days money back guarantee that Tyler Bramlett provides actually gives you full access to all of the components inside his CT-50 system without any risk…

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