Gluconeuro Review – Is This Herbal Supplement For You?

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GluconeuroWhat Exactly Is GlucoNeuro?

Created by Aquil Labs, a health supplement company, GlucoNeuro (also called “Gluco Neuro” ) is a herbal supplement for people experiencing erratic blood sugar levels, neuropathy, poor blood flow, weight problems, and painful muscles, joints, and nerves.

So, what makes this herbal supplement unique?

They claim that it’s the only supplement that can help you deal with neuropathy and blood sugar problems. Not even prescription meds can treat both at the same time, according to them.

Each bottle of GlucoNeuro contains sixty capsules. By taking one capsule daily, Aquil Labs says you can get relief from:

• Diabetes-related health problems, such as nerve damage, poor blood flow to the legs, and numbness
• Walking difficulties
• Varicose veins and spider veins
• Swelling
• Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

The GlucoNeuro has five main ingredients:

1. Gingko biloba (also called ginkgo, gingko, and maidenhair) – This ancient tree has been used in China to treat various health problems. For the Gluco Neuro supplement, its purpose is to support blood vessel health and keep your veins dilated for better blood flow. Poor circulation could cause pain and increases your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

2. L-arginine – This amino acid improves heart health by relaxing your blood vessels and promoting better blood circulation in the arteries (distributes oxygen-rich blood to all parts of the body) of the heart.

3. Gymnema sylvestre – Found in the forests of Africa, Australia, and India, this climbing shrub is valued for its ability to decrease sugar absorption in the intestines. This leads to lower blood sugar levels. In addition, it decreases sugar cravings and improves cholesterol profile.

4. Cinnamon extract – This is a useful tool for controlling blood sugar and aiding weight loss.

5. Chromium polynicotinate – This is the supplemental form of the mineral chromium. This is believed to help people lose weight, control blood sugar (by improving the effectiveness of insulin), and break down nutrients effectively.

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


The Ingredients are Backed by Science

For instance, laboratory studies have suggested that gingko biloba can enhance blood flow by dilating the blood vessels and thinning the blood, which in turn prevents dangerous blood clots from breaking up or forming in your blood vessels and heart. Doing a quick online search will confirm the benefits of each ingredient.

A Possible Supplement to Your Treatment

Just make sure that you’re not taking any meds that might interact with the ingredients of the GlucoNeuro. To reduce your risk of adverse interactions between your meds and this supplement, try to take them hours apart.

Addresses Both Neuropathy and High Blood Sugar

We tried looking for supplements that deal with these two conditions at the same time, but we didn’t find anything. To be fair, it was just a quick search. If you know any supplement that offers the same benefits as the Gluco Neuro, let us know.

Offers Multiple Health Benefits

These ingredients are not just good for controlling blood sugar or improving the symptoms of neuropathy. For instance, cinnamon is believed to aid weight loss by increasing metabolism. Aside from improving blood circulation, arginine may also help people with high blood pressure and intermittent claudication (characterized by leg cramps and weakness).

Plenty of Time to Test Its Effectiveness

They stated on their terms and conditions that you can return the unopened bottle or package of GlucoNeuro within thirty days of shipment to get a full refund. This gives you enough time to test its effectiveness without risking your money.


The Cons


Individual Results May Differ

Each person could react differently to the ingredients used for the Gluco Neuro supplement. It depends on your health problem and how severe it is.

Possible Negative Effects

Natural ingredients are not free from side effects. For instance, gingko biloba may cause allergic skin reactions, diarrhea or constipation, headache, lightheadedness, strong heartbeats, and upset stomach. Too much cinnamon could cause liver damage, mouth sores, hypoglycemia (abnormally low blood sugar levels), and breathing problems.


The Bottom Line

Diabetes is a serious disease. The GlucoNeuro, or other dietary supplements, is not meant to prevent or treat this disease and its symptoms.

With that said, we do believe the Gluco Neuro is worth a try. Based on medical articles and studies, the ingredients Aquil Labs used are effective in dealing with both erratic blood sugar and nerve and blood vessel issues. Of course, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before taking it, just to be on the safe side.

Overall, if you’re struggling to control your blood sugar despite using standard treatments, if you’re into alternative medicine, or if you don’t want to take separate dietary supplements for neuropathy and blood sugar problems, then the GlucoNeuro supplement is a great option for you.

Moreover, considering the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee, it is pretty easy to give Gluco Neuro a risk-free try…

Well, this is everything we think you need to know about the GlucoNeuro supplement. We sincerely hope you find this informative. If you already bought this, we’d like to know your feedback.

To your happiness and good health 🙂

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