John Gootridge’s Kachin Diabetes Solution Review [2024]

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Kachin Diabetes SolutionWhat Exactly Is The Kachin Diabetes Solution?

Created by John Gootridge, a native of Illinois and a former diabetic, the Kachin Diabetes Solution shares the exact remedy used by the Kachin, an ethnic group in Myanmar, to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes, shed weight, and improve heart health.

The Kachin Tribe’s Diabetes Cure

Most members of the Kachin tribe occupy the northeastern parts of Myanmar (Burma). There are also others who live in some areas of India and China.

According to John Gootridge, the reason the people of the Kachin tribe never had diabetes is because of pure coconut oil. They believe that it has powerful healing properties. That’s why they used it in almost all of their recipes.

One way coconut oil helps regulate blood sugar is by making sure your body breaks down carbs into glucose (sugar) slowly. As a result, your blood sugar levels will rise more gradually. This helps you have better control on your blood sugar levels, cravings, and weight.

About the Kachin Diabetes Solution

The Kachin Diabetes Solution combines four scientifically studied ingredients, which have shown to lower blood sugar, ease inflammation, and improve insulin sensitivity. John Gootridge says he asked the help of Nyan San, a researcher at the University of Medical Technology Mandalay, to develop the right combinations and amounts to make these ingredients more effective.

Other things you’ll learn in the Kachin Diabetes Solution book:

An introduction to the culture, traditions, food, and lifestyle of the Kachin tribe

The main causes of diabetes

The ingredients used by the Kachin tribe to promote weight loss, low blood sugar, and good overall health

About metformin and its hidden risks

An explanation of how the foods included in the Kachin system will increase your insulin level

The scientific studies that John used as references for this book

In addition to the main guide, you’ll also get these bonus materials:

1. Fitness for Diabetes Guide – This was designed to help you lose at least 7 pounds every month through low-impact workouts and techniques. You can easily do these at home or wherever you find convenient.

2. 56 Diabetes Reversing Recipes – Inside, you’ll discover the diabetes-fighting ingredients that the Kachin people use in their dishes. You’ll also get more than 50 recipes.

3. Revitalize and Restoration Super Bundle – This bundle consists of various books and videos, such as:

▪ Insomniac: The Ultimate Sleep Therapy Checklist (book and videos)
▪ The Joint Health 101
▪ 10-day green smoothie cleanse book and videos
▪ The Healthy Heart Remedy (book and videos)
▪ The Natural Cures (book)
▪ Home Work Out Bible
▪ The Super Foods Originality (book)
▪ Win Any Battle (book)
▪ The Walking for Weight Loss (book)
▪ The Total Body Weight Transformation (book)

4. Lifetime upgrades

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Science-Backed Natural Ingredients

There’s a good amount of research on the beneficial effects of the four main ingredients, specifically coconut oil. You can easily find these medical studies and articles online.

For instance, in a small-scale research, the result has shown that coconut oil could help improve insulin sensitivity, reduce waist size, and increase HDL cholesterol (a.k.a. the good cholesterol). Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids (like lauric acid), which is responsible for most of its health benefits, including reducing blood sugar by reducing insulin resistance.

Gives All the Information You Need

The Kachin Diabetes Solution package includes 14 information materials plus a free lifetime update. (For the low price, this is definitely a great deal.) After going through the eBooks and videos, you’ll surely become more knowledgeable about and confident in overcoming your disease.

Almost All Types of People Can Use It

Diagnosed type 2 diabetics aren’t the only ones who could use the Kachin Diabetes Solution. People who have prediabetes (higher than normal blood sugar level but not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes) or want to improve their health could also take advantage of its health benefits.

Created by a Former Diabetic

John would know what you’re going through as a diabetic because he used to be one. Thus, you can expect to get quality information on the best ways to prevent or control type 2 diabetes, without using medical drugs.

Full Money Back Guarantee

The Kachin Diabetes Solution is backed by a standard sixty-day guarantee. That’s about enough time to see how your body will react to the recipes containing the four anti-diabetes ingredients, as well as the workout programs and other tips and techniques. If it doesn’t live up to the hype, simply send them a quick email to John Gootridge and his support team, asking for a full refund.


The Cons


Coconut Oil Consumption Has Some Health Risks

Coconut oil can be healthy, but it also carries a few risks of its own, especially if you don’t use it correctly. If you ingest too much right away, you could feel nauseated.

Other potential side effects of over-consumption of coconut oil include:

▪ Stomach upset
▪ Allergic skin reaction (like a rash)
▪ Headache
▪ Dizziness
▪ Extreme tiredness
▪ Swollen lymph glands

With that said, as long as you stick to John Gootridge’s instructions and don’t over-consume, the chances to experience any of the side effects mentioned above are minor.

May Not Reverse Diabetes

Until now, the medical community still considers type 2 diabetes as a permanent medical condition. However, it’s usually manageable with the right diet, exercise, lifestyle, and meds.

Anyway, before you stop taking your meds and start any alternative treatment, inform your doctor first to ensure your safety.

It’s a Digital Item

Despite its popularity, there are still many people who prefer reading a printed book or watching videos in DVD format. That’s why we believe it would be great if John could produce a physical version of the Kachin Diabetes Solution to accommodate these people.


The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure if the Kachin Diabetes Solution is going to be effective for anyone who has type 2 diabetes. However, it seems promising, and we were very impressed with the wealth of information that John Gootridge provides in this guide.

In general, if you have other medical conditions that require a specific diet, or if you have food allergies, then the Kachin Diabetes Solution might not be a great option for you.

On the other hand, if you’re curious about the diabetes-reversing Kachin diet, if conventional treatments no longer work for you, or if you’re a prediabetic and want to try non-pharmacological ways to lower your blood sugar, then the Kachin Diabetes Solution is a great option for you to consider.

Moreover, considering the money-back guarantee that John Gootridge offers, there is no financial risk when giving his Kachin Diabetes Solution a try…

Well, that’s it for our Kachin Diabetes Solution review. We hope you find this article informative and wish you good health and happy life 🙂

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