Jon Remington’s Hard Wood Tonic System Review [Updated]

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Hard Wood Tonic SystemWhat Exactly Is The Hard Wood Tonic?

Created by Jon Remington, a 60-year-old former erectile dysfunction sufferer, the Hard Wood Tonic guide shares a Tibetan, 60-second formula that fixes erectile dysfunction (E.D.) by targeting the root cause: a defect in the smooth muscle valve.

Jon Remington claims that it’s not your age or mind that’s causing your erection problems. Mainstream treatments for erectile dysfunction, like gels and testosterone treatment, don’t provide a permanent solution to this condition.

So, what will?

The Real Root Cause of ED

When you’re aroused, your brain sends nerve signals to your organ. This causes the smooth muscles of your organ to relax, so it becomes engorged with blood. If this smooth muscles stop working, that’s when you start having erection problems.

The reason the smooth muscles of your organ fail to work properly is oxidative stress. Phthalates are one of the chemical compounds that cause oxidative stress, which leads to the destruction of a group of male hormones called androgens. Phthalates are supposedly found in plastic containers and food wrapping.

But it’s not just phthalates that are messing up with your hormones and ability to get an erection. Other culprits include BPA, BPS, and dioxin.

The Tibetan Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Tibetan men have used a certain fungus as an erection remedy for hundreds of years. Since it’s rare, Jon Remington and his team reproduced this Tibetan remedy by using a mix of enzymes, flavonoids (plant-based antioxidants), herbs, and foods in the correct quantities. Overall, there are ten special blends (five tonics and five teas) that you can use to improve your condition.

By drinking these tonics, you’ll boost your nitric oxide levels. This gas is important because it can repair the damaged blood vessels in your organ and improve your body’s circulation.

In addition, you’ll get the Erection-Hardening Blueprint. This blueprint includes effective and simple techniques for reversing E.D.

Here are some of the main things you’ll discover when you purchase the Hard Wood Tonic system:

10 potent drinks for maintaining a firm erection
What you can do if you’re losing an erection halfway through
How to get and keep an erection firm in seven seconds
Information about “poisons” hidden in your food that are causing this condition
A mind focusing technique that can boost your erection strength by up to 42%
Testosterone shortcuts for increased endurance and libido
A breathing technique for improving blood flow, and a lot more…


The Hard Wood Tonic system also includes the following bonus items:

1. Quick Start Accelerator Plan – Like the title hints, this contains all the information you need to start with the Hard Wood Tonic plan as fast as possible.

2. Hard Erection Mineral and Vitamin Guide – In this guide, you’ll discover science-backed techniques for combining certain vitamins and minerals, which can help you get powerful erections and increase your sexual drive faster.

3. 7 Minute Testosterone Enhancer – After applying what you learned from this bonus, you’ll achieve a younger and more attractive body.

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Easy to Integrate into Daily Routine

All you need to do is mix the ingredients in the right quantities. Then, you’re going to drink the main Hard Wood Tonic every day and follow a few simple nutritional rules to get the best possible results. The great thing about this is you can bring the drinks with you wherever you go.

Good Alternatives to E.D. Medications

With the correct diagnosis and treatment, it’s possible to reverse erectile dysfunction. Medications for E.D. (e.g., sildenafil and tadalafil) are usually effective, but they have unpleasant effects.

If you’ve taken these E.D. medications before, you might have experienced any of these side effects:

▪ Headaches
▪ Back pain
▪ Flushing
▪ Vision changes
▪ Nausea
▪ Stuffy nose
▪ Rash
▪ Back pain

On the other hand, the Hard Wood Tonic system offers an all-natural solution, and we didn’t find any feedback online from users about such side effects yet.

Provides Lots of Good Information

You’re not just going to learn how to make these E.D.-reversing Tibetan tonics and teas. You’ll also discover other ways to defeat this condition, such as mind and breathing techniques, avoiding certain foods, nutrition rules to live by, and so on. The bonus materials are also just as informative.

Cheaper than Popular E.D. Medications

How much do you spend on the little blue pill? In the United States, it costs around $30 to $35 per tablet for the generic version and $61.54 per tablet for the branded version according to Webmd. Testosterone therapy would cost anywhere between $20 and $1,000 every month.

On the other hand, The Hard Wood Tonic system has a one-time fee of less than the cost of one blue pill.

A Longer Trial Period

Normally, you have sixty days to try a product. That’s not the case here. You have ninety days (three months) to go through the materials and try the anti-E.D. tonics and teas. If there are no improvements within that time, you can ask for full refund.


The Cons


Outcome Depends on the Cause

There are different reasons people get erectile dysfunction, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. Some of these are more difficult to cure than others.

Not a Substitute for Medical Care

Like what we just said, erectile dysfunction can be caused by serious medical conditions. That’s why it’s a bad idea to just stop taking your meds or seeing your doctor, even if you experience improvements while drinking these healing tonics.

No Physical Copy of the Book

The Hard Wood Tonic main guide and bonuses are digitally formatted books (eBooks). Despite being convenient, not everyone may like this type of book format. We think it would be great if Jon Remington offers the option to choose between physical and digital copy.


The Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction may be an embarrassing condition, but it’s reversible – that is, if you get the right support and treatment. Mainstream therapies are still your first choices, but they come with many adverse effects that could be dangerous for men with certain health problems.

The key ingredient of the Hard Wood Tonic (Tibetan fungus) exists. It’s used in traditional medicine for different types of male sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction. It also has been the subject of many scientific articles and studies.

Overall, if you want a more affordable treatment for erectile dysfunction, if you want to be always ready for sex, or if you simply don’t want to spend big bucks on medications that don’t target the root cause of erectile dysfunction, then the Hard Wood Tonic system is a great option for you to consider.
Best of all, with the generous 90-ay money back guarantee that Jon Remington offers, we don’t think there is anything to lose…

Well, that’s it for our Hard Wood Tonic system review. We really hope this would help you make a more informed decision.

We wish you the best 🙂

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