Kidney Disease Solution Program Review – Is It For You?

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Kidney Disease Solution
Hello there and welcome!

On this page we will review the Kidney Disease Solution program by Duncan Capicchiano.

To make everything more simple for you we will divide this post into two parts:

1. A brief section that contains basic information about the Kidney Disease Solution.

2. An in-depth review which will cover the Kidney Disease Solution in details and present you with all the details which we feel you must understand about Duncan Capicchiano’s program…

Basic Information

Product’s Name: Kidney Disease Solution

Creator: Duncan Capicchiano

Release Date: 2009

Learning Format: Downloadable guides and audio files

Refund Policy: Full money back guarantee for sixty days

Official Site:


Full Review

1. The Key Details

The Kidney Disease Solution was created by a qualified Naturopath, nutritionist, kidney disease expert, member of Australian Natural Medicine Society, and medical researcher. Duncan Capicchiano is the expert’s name, and his Kidney Disease Solution could be best described as an all-natural program that offers a complete treatment plan to deal with kidney failure and kidney disease, in order to improve the impaired kidney function and reverse the disease without needing dialysis, expensive medication, and surgery.

Duncan Capicchiano believes you need vital nutrients to improve your kidney function and repair kidney disease, and inside his program he offers a step-by-step guidelines which will take you to the basics and the root of kidney disease, as well as the real causes that stems from it.

The main guide of the Kidney Disease Solution is the most important component of the program and inside Duncan Capicchiano covers lots of topics and describes how specific lifestyle modifications and an effective diet can be easily incorporated into your daily life so you can achieve permanent results…


2. An In-Depth Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


Holistic Solution That Is Based On Natural Methods

One of the best things about the Kidney Disease Solution guide is that it is based on a natural, holistic approach. There are no dangerous drugs or expensive medication to get the results you’re looking for from this program.

This treatment was designed to get to the root cause of the disease, which will result in an efficient solution for the problem. A lot of other solutions offer only a quick fix that will mask the symptoms in the short term, and Duncan Capicchiano’s natural system is extremely different regarding this issue.

Specific Solutions For Each Condition

We also like that the Kidney Disease Solution provides many methods that can be modified to each symptom and each person’s disease.

The main guide will assist with the right “formula” for you personally, based on your symptoms, stage and level of kidney disease. It will also assist you with the right steps to treat each stage the right way.

Personal Email Support For Three Months

One thing that some people don’t realize is that eating some foods and taking products that will support the body’s rejuvenation are just not enough for overcoming kidney disease completely. There is one more aspect to this puzzle that is important when it comes to the healing process, and that’s the mental side to it.

Duncan Capicchiano’s unlimited e-mail support will allow you to get the answers you need for the questions you may come across about his program. It will also keep you motivated and on track for complete success.

This is very different compared to most other programs online that give you just the basics and send you on your way…

The Package Consists Of Several Guides And Audio Files

The Kidney Disease Solution is more than another guide. This program will contain a variety of parts that are crucial so you can reverse your kidney disease, as well as start healing your kidneys.

There are some great examples, such as the Kidney Repair Toolkit, which will provide precise descriptions of all products you will need to help the body heal. The “Comprehensive Nutrition Plan” will show you all of the foods you need to consume so you can increase the function of the kidneys.

Another example is the “Free Premier Subscription” which will give you the access you need to free updates and news from Duncan Capicchiano, as well as six bonus guides that will come with the main guide, all at no additional cost to you.

Full Refund Guarantee For 60 Days

The Kidney Disease Solution has a 60-day money back guarantee and Duncan Capicchiano will allow you to try his program with no risk.

Considering the fact that most people supposed to start feeling better within 6-8 weeks, we strongly believe that this is a decent offer which also shows the confidence that Duncan Capicchiano has with his treatment plan…


The Main Cons


You Need To Be Patient

One important thing you should understand about the Kidney Disease Solution is that it’s not “another instant cure” and it’s going to take time to treat your kidney disease and see results when following this program. This is mainly because this program was designed to help you in a natural way, without harmful prescription drugs, so you can get long-term results.

Generally, while some people may see improvement within weeks, for some others it can take approximately 3 months to get the full benefits from this program.

You Will Need To Make Some Changes To Your Lifestyle

You should be aware that with the Kidney Disease Solution some diet modifications and lifestyle changes are going to be required when following the program.

As explained before, this program used a natural, holistic approach, and in order to get to the root cause of your kidney disease you’re going to need to provide your body with the support and vital nutrients that it needs.

You Will Only Find This Product Online

Unfortunately, the Kidney Disease Solution is only available for purchase online, and all the material inside the package come in a digital format at this time. This means that the Kidney Disease Solution is not available for purchase in stores, and you also don’t have the option to get it in hard-cover or DVD versions..


3. Our Verdict

Final Scores
  • Amount of Content - 8.5/10
  • Quality Of Content - 8.5/10
  • User Friendliness - 9/10
  • Bonus items - 8.5/10
  • Customer Support - 9.5/10
  • Overall Value For Money - 9/10

Overall, the Kidney Disease Solution by Duncan Capicchiano can be a great program for people who try to reverse their kidney disease and improve their impaired kidney function naturally, and this program gets the average rating of 8.8/10 from us. While this program requires patience, some lifestyle changes and real efforts, from our research the methods inside really work for most people, and they are completely safe to use.

The thing we really like about the Kidney Disease Solution program is that it offers holistic solution and not just tries to mask the symptoms for short-term results. In addition, the facts that Duncan Capicchiano added step-by-step instructions on how to customize the program in order to offer specific solution for each condition, and that he offers personal email support for three months, are two more advantages that can be extremely important for many people.

All in all, if you are looking for an all natural step-by-step program that can help you to improve your kidney function and to heal your kidneys without expensive surgery or risky drugs, then the Kidney Disease Solution may be a great choice for you.

Moreover, the two months refund policy that Duncan Capicchiano provides actually makes the Kidney Disease Solution system risk-free to try, which is always an awesome benefit that many other treatments don’t offer you…

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  1. Consuelo C Rebong says:

    If my husband will follow this, should he stop taking the medication prescribed by Doctor like ketoanalogues and sodium bicarbonate? The Pro kidney tablets bought should be stopped, too?

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Consuelo and thanks for the message. We will recommend contacting the Kidney Disease Solution support team through their official website and explaining your husband’s unique situation in order to get a better assistance. We wish you all the best

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