A Muscle-Building Diet For Skinny Guys That Works

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muscle-building diet for skinny guys
It’s difficult to look at the current male standard of beauty when you’ve been given a less then broad physic. It can make you feel insecure and unattractive. None of these things are true of course. They’re loads of women who enjoy lean-looking men. It’s never a bad thing to try and improve yourself physically though. If you’re human, you can build muscle. It’s just about knowing how. You need to eat the right foods, and then turn them into muscle in the right way.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. I put amino acids instead of protein because most products that claim to have protein in them actually don’t. Most of these products really only contain amino acids. Very few foods have a complete protein, but that doesn’t mean incomplete protein foods won’t help you build muscle.

A muscle building diet for skinny guys should include more than the recommended daily value when it comes to amino acids. It’s very easy to exceed this amount when you eat high protein foods like beef jerky. A bag of beef jerky can have over half the complete proteins you need to survive. Any animal product will be loaded with complete proteins. If you’re a vegan, eat rice and beans. This is a complete protein, but may not help you stock up on weight like some of the other options. A rice and bean meal is very low in fat.


Did you know that fat caries more calories per gram than any other substance. Protein and carbs only carry 4 calories per gram, unlike fat for example, that has 9 calories per gram. Of course, if you’re looking for a substance that has a high amount of calories per gram, you could choose alcohol. Alcohol is 7 calories per gram. This isn’t going to be as effective as eating fat and could potentially damage your liver if you eat it in excess.

Find a food that has a good combination of protein and fat. That way you’re getting the calories you need to get a little bigger, while getting all the building blocks for protein that you’ll need. An excellent choice that fits this description is stake. A vegan looking to get protein and fat at the same time might want to go with the Chia seed option.


Carbohydrates need to be included in any muscle-building diet for skinny guys. You’re clearly a fast metabolizer if you’re having trouble putting on weight. Our bodies turn to carbohydrates as their first choice when it comes to energy. Not eating enough carbohydrates can cause your body to transfer the amino acids making up your muscles into glucose. In other words, if you aren’t eating enough carbohydrates, your body will strip your muscles for energy.

It isn’t necessary or wise to eat a bunch of empty calories to get the carbohydrates you need. Instead, you should eat rich, whole grain products. These are easy to find in the health section at your local supermarket. Find products like cereals, whole grain pastas, and of course, lots of bread.

You’ll need quite energy in order to complete your workout. Converting amino acids into glucose is a long process. If you’re relying on this to get you through your workout, you’re probably going to become tired and hungry a lot sooner.

No Caffeine

You may be tempted to drink an energy drink before your workout. This is not an effective method of producing a good muscle building diet, especially when you’re looking for a muscle-building diet for skinny guys. Caffeine will jump start your metabolism, so it works a lot better for people looking to lose weight. Use carbohydrates before your workout. They’ll give you energy and cause you to gain weight; both are things you actually want to happen.

Be Patient

A lot of people fail to stick to a muscle-building diet for skinny guys because they aren’t patient enough to see results. It’s going to take months in the gym before you’ll see the results you want. It might even take a year, depending on how hard you’re willing to work and your goal. Be patient, and you will see results.

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