The Bar Brothers System Review – Is This Program For You?

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bar brothers the system
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On this page we are going to review the Bar Brothers System by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.

In order to make everything easier for you we will divide this post into two sections:

1. A brief section that contains basic information about the Bar Brothers System.

2. A full review which will cover the system in details and provides you with all the details which we feel you must know about it…

Basic Information

Product’s Name: “Bar Brothers – The System”

Author: Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic

Release Date: 2015

Learning Format: Videos and guides

Refund Policy: Full money-back guarantee for 2 months

Official Site: http://www.


Full Review

1. The Key Details

In simple words, The Bar Brothers System is a unique 12-week fitness program that was designed to help you get lean muscle mass and transform your mindset in the process – all without going to the gym and using every exercise machine available.

The system was developed by two professional fitness and strength-trainers, Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic, who explain that their program is based on very specific calisthenics techniques.

To help you understand better what you can expect to find when purchasing the Bar Brothers System, here is a short overview of its main components:

Right after your payment you will get access to a private dashboard. This is where you are able to access all the videos and documents that pertain to the system, and monitor your progress.

You will find 12-week downloadable workout calendars. Each of the 12 weeks has its own workout chart, and the weekly charts are color coded and organized according to the type of exercises for the day. Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic also provide here pre-workout tips and quotes to help you get the most out from The Bar Brothers System.

You will get access to over 140 training videos. Each video shows you exactly how to perform the calisthenics to make sure you do them safely and correctly, and Dusan and Lazar also share here their important tips for avoiding mistakes when exercising.

On the first week and the last, you get to take tests to see how much progress you have made. In the dashboard you will find all the details you need for taking these tests.

You will also find a very informative nutrition section that contains plenty of healthy recipes and pre-workout shakes. Dusan and Lazar also share what they like to eat, as well as some powerful fat-burning routines that they personally use in order to get the perfect shape.

Finally, you get access to the Bar Brothers community support which will keep you motivated when following the 12-week program…


2. An In-Depth Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


Quality Workout Videos

The videos that you will find inside the Bar Brothers System are brief, lasting from 50 seconds to two minutes. This makes it much easier to understand and follow the workouts properly. In addition, we must admit that Dusan and Lazar did a great job when it comes to demonstrating and explaining all their methods, and you should not have any problem understanding their instructions.

An Effective System

From the research we have made online it seems that many customers are very happy with the Bar Brothers System, and plenty of online testimonials show that users believe it is one of the most effective workout systems available on the market right now. Long-time users of the system reported that they got the muscle-building and fitness results they wanted, while others said that the most impressive part about this system is the way it transformed their mindsets.

Suitable For Anyone

The beauty of the Bar Brothers system is that it can work for “fitness gurus” as well as beginners. Of course, you will need to work hard in order to see results; however, the strategies are effective and really easy to understand.

Great Value At A Great Price

The Bar Brothers System is reasonably priced. It is not super cheap, but it is also not ridiculously expensive, and most other workout systems on the market that are similar to this one cost much more.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The private dashboard is easy to navigate through as well as easy on the eyes. Everything is well organized and you do not have to be web savvy to figure out how to access everything on your dashboard. It is truly user-friendly.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic say that it is understandable that you might be shy to spend money on a workout system which you never tried before, and this is exactly why they provide a 60-day money back guarantee for the Bar Brothers System.

In simple words, you can give this system a 60-day try and if you do not like what you learned or not happy with the results you get, you can get all of your money back…


The Main Cons


It Requires A High-Speed Internet Connection

Most of the videos you will find in your dashboard are in HD quality. This means you will get frustrated if your internet connection is slow, since your videos will buffer constantly. As long as you have a reliable connection, though, you will be fine.

A Physical Version Of The System Is Not Available

As we explained before, the System by The Bar Brothers is only available in electronic form and all the material is accessible via your dashboard. If you want something that comes with physical DVDs or printed booklets, this might disappoint you…


3. Our Verdict

Final Scores
  • Amount of Content - 9/10
  • Quality Of Content - 9.5/10
  • User Friendliness - 9/10
  • Customer Support - 8.5/10
  • Overall Value For Money - 9.5/10

Overall, The Bar Brothers System is one of the most impressive calisthenics programs we have ever seen online, and this 12-week program by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic gets an average rating of 9.1/10 from us. While this program requires hard work, determination and true efforts on your side, there is no doubt that the unique techniques Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic teach can help you get the amazing body you have always wanted…

What we really like about the Bar Brothers System is that it comes with high quality videos of all the main workouts. This makes it a lot easier to understand how to perform each workout properly for best results. In addition, the very reasonable price, user-friendly dashboard, and helpful supportive community, are other great advantages that make the Bar Brothers System a very affordable choice.

All in all, if you are looking for an effective calisthenics program that was created by real experts in order to help you transform your mind and body, then the Bar Brothers System may be a great option for you.

Moreover, with the 60 days refund policy that Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic provide, we don’t see any real reason to ignore the Bar Brothers System without giving it at least a try…

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