The Bone Density Solution by Shelly Manning – Full Review

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The BoneDensitySolution Shelly ManningWhat Exactly Is The Bone Density Solution?

Created by Shelly Manning, an author, and a natural health practitioner, The Bone Density Solution is a 14-step program for increasing your bone density in order to prevent or reverse osteoporosis. It does this by stopping gut inflammation, the root cause of low bone density.

Gut Health, Inflammation, and Your Bones

Shelly Manning explains that poor gut health can decrease the number of “good” gut bacteria. If that persists, it can lead to low-grade inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the common causes of diseases and deaths worldwide. That includes osteoporosis, which is a condition that’s characterized by weak and brittle bones. In the United States, osteoporosis and low bone density are considered major public health problems that affect men and women aged 50 and older.

According to a review of related studies published in the ‘Journal of Endocrinology,’ increased levels of inflammatory markers (C reactive protein) in the blood can prevent your body from forming new bones (bone remodeling).

How Does The Bone Density Solution Work?

Shelly Manning’s 14-step program will help you fight osteoporosis by promoting a healthy gut, which in turn prevents chronic low-grade inflammation. She gives a separate list of foods that are good and bad for you. There are also meal plans that you can easily prepare, so you can eat the right amounts of food groups that help with gut health.

Inside her Bone Density Solution book, Shelly Manning also shared some of the best movements you could add to your daily routine for bone health. These movements will help your body build stronger and denser bones.

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


No Worries with Side Effects

The meal plans and movements shared in the Bone Density Solution book are generally safe and well-tolerated by those who’ve already tried them. They don’t carry the same risks as mainstream medications for osteoporosis or decreased bone density.

Helps Control Unwanted Symptoms

Brittle and weak bones have a lot of uncomfortable and painful consequences. You might be already experiencing some of them. You could have sudden, severe back pain, which gets worse if you try to stand, walk, or bend or twist your body. Over time, you become more susceptible to fractures or a collapsed spine.

You could use The Bone Density Solution to slow down or even stop the progression of osteoporosis. It becomes more effective if you use it along with existing medical treatments for this condition.

Eliminates the Need for Meds

According to the National Health Service (NHS), you don’t need to take any medication for osteoporosis. Just make sure you’re getting enough of the nutrients you need for strong bones, such as calcium and vitamin D. Studies have also shown that you can reverse this condition naturally, like through diet and therapeutic exercise.

Prevents or Manages Inflammation-Related Diseases

An imbalance in the number of bacteria in the gut can lead to other chronic metabolic diseases and inflammation, not just osteoporosis or decreased bone density. Some of the possible consequences of poor gut health include inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, skin problems, and heart diseases.

Fits Into Busy Schedules

You can do each step of the Bone Density Solution program at your own convenience. Choose one step to do daily or every few days before moving to other steps. There’s no need to rush yourself, which will only lead to frustration and errors.

Provides a Decent Guarantee

Shelly Manning and the Blue Heron Health News team are going to give you 60 days to read the Bone Density Solution book and implement the 14-step program. If within that period you’re unimpressed by the results, or the lack thereof, simply contact them by filling up the contact form on the website to get a full refund.


The Cons


Doesn’t Treat Osteoporosis Complications

Some of the possible long-term effects of osteoporosis are heart failure, osteoarthritis (most common type of arthritis), deformities, fractures, and even bone cancer. That’s why it’s best to use The Bone Density Solution during the early stages of your condition.

Requires Effort and Dedication

There’s some effort involved in strengthening your bones when you use the Bone Density Solution program. You need to prepare the meal plans and perform the physical movements every day or every couple of days. Be sure you’re ready for this kind of commitment.

No Hard Copy Option

The Bone Density Solution is currently available in PDF format only. With that said, if you prefer a book that you can leaf through than an eBook, you can still get what you want. You always have the option to print it yourself after downloading it.


The Bottom Line

The prognosis for osteoporosis is generally good, that is, if bone loss is detected in the early stages and proper medical intervention is done. It’s difficult to undo all the damages done by this condition if it’s addressed too late.

The good news is you don’t necessarily need to take medications to reverse this condition, according to some of the best health and medical information sites we’ve checked. A good diet and therapeutic exercise program are often enough.

So, is The Bone Density Solution worth the try?

Well, we can’t say it’s 100-percent effective since each person’s results will vary. With that said, we were very impressed with the information Shelly Manning shared in the guide, and we believe that it has the potential to help many people reverse osteoporosis (at early stages) or low bone density. We also think that you can still benefit from it even if your bones are strong and dense, especially if you have a parent or sibling who has this condition.

Overall, if you can’t or don’t want to take medications to treat osteoporosis, if your osteoporosis is still in its early stages, or if you simply want to know how to have healthy bones through diet and exercise, then The Bone Density Solution is a great option for you to consider.

Moreover, with the 60-day money-back guarantee that Shelly Manning offers, you can easily try The Bone Density Solution and personally experience its healing benefits without any financial risk…

Well, that’s it for our Bone Density Solution review. We hope this article has helped you make up your mind about the program, and we wish you only the best 🙂

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