The Engine 2 Diet – A Basic Overview

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the Engine 2 Diet
It’s a pretty common thing to need to lose a few extra pounds. You might even need to lose much more. It’s nothing to actually be ashamed of however, despite what society might make you think. It’s very easy to end up a bit out of shape, especially with how little physical activity a lot of the more common jobs now require of us. It’s also incredibly easy to end up losing hours and hours in front of the television or computer. You sit down hoping to relax and rid yourself of some stress and suddenly it’s time for bed!

So, there are fewer and fewer chances and less time overall to actually maintain an active lifestyle. As far as eating well, there are plenty of things that get in the way of that too. For instance, it’s easy to feel that it’s just too expensive to eat well. Cheap, quick fixes are a lot more convenient for many of us. However, all of these decisions mount on top of one another, and eventually you end up with a little more extra weight than you’re comfortable with.

There are all sorts of factors that might lead to weight gain, and the end result is generally the same no matter which might affect you in particular. Eventually, you get tired of not being in shape. You feel less energetic, and a lot less attractive. You want nothing more than to finally shed the pounds. So what’s the first step? Of course, everyone figures they should look into dieting. Being overweight is such a widespread issue that the dieting world is pretty messy however. There are so many different methods and approaches out there, all with varying information. It can be very difficult to know where to start. If you’re in the market for suggestions, one common program that’s gaining quite a bit of popularity is the Engine 2 diet.

So, what is the Engine 2 diet anyway? At its core, the Engine 2 method of dieting revolves around breaking your bad eating habits. It is meant to get the likes of meat, processed foods, refined sugars, and dairy out of your system. Instead, those on the Engine 2 diet focus on eating nutrient rich whole plant-based food. It requires a lot of cooking, but it’s perfect for the adventurous types out there that want to try something new.

For many, the idea of completely ridding themselves of so many different types of foods will be an immediate turn-off. For the change necessary to lose weight to really take place however, you have to have a lot of discipline. Radical change is sometimes the best. You have to tell yourself that if you want to drop the extra pounds and keep them off that you must take whatever measures possible. The major shift in eating habits of the Engine 2 has proven useful for people that are truly fed up with not being in shape and simply needing a new program to stick to.

It’s not as bad as it might seem on the surface. You can actually conjure up a lot of great meals that hit the spot for your typical cravings. Hummus veggie pizzas, tacos with wild rice and jalapenos instead of meat, and even dark chocolate brownies are just some of the foods you can enjoy on the Engine 2 diet. It’s not even all that expensive, and best of all it’s fun to try to come up with new recipes!

Given that it’s based on plants, the Engine 2 diet is very low in fat and incredibly high in fiber. You will feel full after each meal for quite a long time, and your system won’t be packed with artery clogging meats and cheeses or processed sugars that you can’t properly process. It’s a very lean and efficient way of eating, and the meals you can cook are actually a lot tastier than you might think. You will absolutely be able to lose weight with this program if you stick with it. It’s extreme enough not to be for everyone, but if you’re truly serious about losing weight then this is something you should give a shot.

For more info on the Engine 2 diet you can take a look at the video below. We hope that this post helped you to understand better what The Engine 2 Diet is all about and we wish you the best!


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