The Traditional Asian Diet And Its Main Benefits

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the Traditional Asian Diet
You may have noticed that they’re certain cuisines, from certain cultures, that seem much lighter, and less fattening then our American dishes. Why is this? There’s a reason for the light physic of our Asian friends. What’s the secret? How come they tend to be slimmer? The answer lies in their diet. Asians typically eat meals that are lower in carbs and fat. Western diets are loaded with these two things.

No Milk

Except for Indians, most Asian countries have very few cuisines that involve milk. To most of them, milk is disgusting. When you actually think about where milk came from, it isn’t easy to disagree with them. Anyway, they only give babies milk. A healthy adult can easily go through their lives with no lactose. They’re other foods that contain calcium, and less fat. An example of this would be broccoli.

Lots Of Vegetables

Most Asian cuisines are loaded with veggies. They traditionally use pretty starchy veggies like snow peas, and broccoli. These add vitamins to the diet, and are extremely low in calories. More importantly, they have something that most of us are missing out on. The veggies that are used in Asian cuisine are almost all loaded with fiber.


Watermelons are a lot more popular in Asia then they are in the United States. Some people try to avoid this snack because of all the sugar. For a normal, healthy person, watermelon’s a good choice. It has loads of vitamin C. Plus, an entire, large watermelon only has a thousand calories. Vitamin C’s excellent for smokers, as it cleans out the lungs. The sugar is diluted with a lot of water, so the watermelon’s glycemic index isn’t very high. In Asia they sometimes use special farming tools to give the watermelon a fun shape. You can purchase these watermelon molds on Amazon. You need to place the mold on the watermelon while it’s growing.


Asian cuisine includes a lot more seafood then what we normally eat on a day to day basis. Shrimp, salmon, and other fish are used in loads of their dishes. Seafood is extremely low in saturated fat, and has Omegas to keep your body functioning properly.


You can’t complete a list of ingredients that are put into Asian cuisine without rice. Rice is the most widely used base for a meal. It’s hard to order a meal at an Asian restaurant without being served rice or noodles. Who’s rice healthy? It is low in fat, and whole grain rice has a lot of fiber. As far as starches go, rice is fairly easy to digest. So it doesn’t tend to bring on weight gain like other carbs.

Go With An Asian Diet To Get Healthy

Why are you shoving cheeseburgers into your mouth when you could be eating food that’s going to work with your body? Asians have lower rates of cancer and heart disease. Yet, they have a much higher amount of smokers. The answer is all in the diet!

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