Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review – A Real Cure For Herpes?

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The Ultimate Herpes Protocol
Hello there and welcome!

In this post we’re going to review the Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington.

In order to make everything more convenient for you we will divide this page into two sections:

1. A brief section with some basic information about the Ultimate Herpes Protocol guide.

2. A detailed review that will cover the Ultimate Herpes Protocol in details and provides you with all the important information that we believe you need to know about Melanie Addington’s herpes solution…

Basic Information

Product’s Name: The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Creator: Melanie Addington

Release Date: 2013

Learning Format: Downloadable guide

Refund Policy: 100% refund policy for 8 weeks

Official Website: http://www.ultimateherpesprotocol.com


Full Review

1. The Key Details

In simple words, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is an easy to follow guide that was created for one main reason: giving people who are afflicted with the disease a step-by-step plan that will assist them to eliminate their type I or type II herpes in a natural way and with no side effects.

Melanie Addington, a former sufferer of herpes and the creator of this guide, explains that once herpes contacts the cells of your body, the virus will remain there forever until the day you die, even though it only manifests occasionally from time to time. She also points out that all of the creams and medications that people use may alleviate the symptoms of the herpes when it manifests, but unfortunately they won’t cause the herpes to vanish permanently from your body.

Melanie explains that the whole purpose of the “Ultimate Herpes Protocol” book is to offer a complete and permanent solution which will destroy the main cause of a person’s herpes rather than hiding the symptoms – which is what the majority of “over the counter” herpes treatments do.

More specifically, inside the Ultimate Herpes Protocol Melanie Addington describes a completely natural system which can eliminate the herpes by using a 3-step plan. In a nutshell, here is a description of each step:

The first step of Melanie Addington’s Ultimate Herpes Protocol program is to boost and improve the immune system. The primary objective of this step is to assist the body with the elimination of the nasty and unbelievably horrible sores that occur in the genital area, much more quickly and with relatively little trouble.

The second step of the Ultimate Herpes Protocol treatment plan is to focus on the dissolving of the protective outer coat of the herpes virus, which will slowly, but steadily destroy the virus from its inside.

The third step of the program will show the herpes sufferer what to do in order to prevent the virus from spreading. It spreads by creating replicas of itself, but this process will prevent that, as it keeps the virus at bay and stops it from returning in the future…


2. An In-Depth Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


A Completely Natural Approach

As explained before, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is based on a completely natural approach and the 3-step treatment plan was designed to maximize the odds for complete eradication of the virus.

In addition, since the treatment plan is all-natural based, the possibility for nasty side effects is minimal.

Designed For Permanent Results

Unlike many other treatments for herpes, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol was designed not merely to mask the symptoms, but to help you totally eliminate the virus from the body. This is very important since it will allow you to solve the problem on a permanent basis.

Easy To Understand By Anyone

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol guide is user-friendly and it is very easy to understand everything Melanie Addington shares inside. In addition, the treatment plan that Melanie describes inside her guide was designed to help almost any herpes sufferer, regardless of gender or age.

You Can Try It Risk-Free

When purchasing the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, a full money back guarantee is offered by Melanie Addington for a 60-day period. If for any reason you are not satisfied during that period, you will be entitled to a full refund with no questions asked.

In simple words, this guarantee by Melanie Addington gives you more than enough time to follow her 3-step treatment plan with virtually no risk…


The Main Cons


Patience And Dedication Are Required

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol offers a holistic approach, and Melanie Addington emphasize from the beginning of her guide that it is in no way a “quick fix” for herpes. You will have to patiently apply the techniques offered inside the guide and you must have the patience to follow through for at least few weeks in order to get the promised results.

The Bonuses Are Disappointing

When purchasing the Ultimate Herpes Protocol you will also get two bonus reports from Melanie Addington at no additional cost. While it is always nice to receive bonuses, we personally think that these bonuses are pretty disappointing and they don’t add real value to the user.

Only Digital Format

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol book is only available in a digital format, and there is no option to purchase a hard-cover version of the guide online. With that said, you can simply print a copy at home, so we won’t say that this should be a deal breaker…


3. Our Verdict

Final Scores
  • Amount of Content - 8.5/10
  • Quality Of Content - 9/10
  • User Friendliness - 9/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10
  • Overall Value For Money - 9/10

Overall, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington is a great guide that can be very helpful for many people who try to find alternative solution to over the counter herpes treatments, and this guide gets the average rating of 8.8/10 from us.

While Melanie Addington’s treatment program is absolutely not a “quick fix” for herpes, and patience is definitely required when following it, there is no doubt that the Ultimate Herpes Protocol can help many people to get real results…

The thing we really like about the Ultimate Herpes Protocol program is that it was not designed only to mask the symptoms of the problem, but instead to show you how you can totally eliminate the virus from your body and ensure that it won’t return in the future. In addition, the fact that the 3-step treatment plan is all-natural based is another great advantage that will help people to avoid the nasty side effects which many over the counter meds have.

All in all, if you are looking for a practical, natural, safe and long-term solution for herpes that can help you to get rid of the virus from the body, then the Ultimate Herpes Protocol may be a great choice for you.

Moreover, the 8 weeks money back guarantee that Melanie Addington provides actually makes her Ultimate Herpes Protocol a risk-free choice. Considering this guarantee and all the other things we mentioned before, we absolutely believe that Melanie Addington’s 3-step treatment plan is at least worth a try…

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