Why Ab Workouts Are Important For Your Fitness?

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ab workouts


There is no doubt that ab exercises are effective and important for your health. However, the most popular ab workouts people go through are sit-ups and crunches, and these exercises can cause excessive flexing of the spine, especially if there are too many repetitions.

A style of abs training that is focused on the firming and flexing of the abdominal muscles while it leaves the spine steady is the smarter way of exercising abs and are the best for body fitness. In this method of training, the abdomen muscles are regularly moved at fixed intervals, while the spine remains stable. The core is then worked intensely in this way of ab workouts.

This method of exercising ensures that you do not suffer from herniation of the spinal discs which can result from flexing the spine in an uncontrolled fashion. Impressive abs can result from stabilization exercises rather than the flexing of the spine.

In these exercises, you have to ensure that your spine and back are steady while your body gets stabilized. Do this by reducing your support base by elevating one of your feet. Make the body frame as parallel to the ground as possible, so that the raising of one elbow will cause it to become unstable. Then get comfortable while you support yourself using the other elbow. Hold this position for as long as you can, as then your muscles will learn to stabilize the body frame while your abdominal muscles will become tight.

Abdominal holds are exercises that can be easy to do and bring you a lot of benefits for your abs. You need to sit on a sturdy chair and be as straight as possible. Your hands should be on the edges of the hair and make sure your fingers should be pointing to your knees.

The abs must be tightened your toes raised from the floor by a couple of inches. Now lift yourself in the chair and hold this position for at least ten seconds. Lower your body back to its original position and keep repeating this exercise for at least five or six times.

A side crunch is another one of the best ab workouts you can do at home. This exercise can test your balance and exercises your oblique muscles. Kneel on the floor and lean towards the right and support yourself with your palm on the floor. Balance yourself while you extend your left leg and flex your ankle to point the toes out. Now let your left hand go behind your head till your elbow points at the ceiling. Now lift your leg to the height of your hip, extend your arm so that it is above your leg and the palm is faced forward. Lower your body and repeat the exercise many times. Do two sets of this and then change legs.

The Hundred is a Pilates move that can be excellent for ab exercise workouts. Find some videos on the internet and use them to help you do this exercise. The hundred refers to the arm pumping that this exercise involves. The lower back needs to be pressed down on the floor, and your abdominal muscles must be sucked in.

Other exercises can be enhanced by adding weights to the leg raising or other crunch exercises that you undertake. Go on to weights only after you have your body used to the crunches and raises.

A strong core is essential for a body that is free from back pain from exercising. Compound exercises like the squat and deadlift must be combined with high-intensity leg raises.

The deadlift is an exercise that helps improve your overall strength as it works on the entire body. You need to keep your abs tight when you do deadlifts as this will help to develop a strong core.

The squat is another exercise that is helpful not only for the abdominal muscles but can also benefit the lower body. The whole body comes into play when you are doing the squat with weights and needs you to keep your abs flexed and your core tight.

Leg raises look like simple exercises but are tough exercises for the abs. Hang yourself from a chin up bar and raise your legs slowly till you can touch the bar. You may not be able to do the full exercise when you first start, but keep improving your position. Once you are able to do it fully, you can add weights to the ankles to make the exercise more strenuous.

Ab workouts can sculpt your body and make it the envy of the others in your gym. It does require persistence and dedication, and soon the results will make you proud of your body 🙂

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