5 Kitchen Gadgets To Make Healthy Cooking Easier & Faster

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Cooking your own meals is healthier and cheaper, but there are times when you’re just too lazy doing it. That’s when microwave meals and fast foods become tempting options. But before you give up on the idea of healthy eating, consider using any of these top 5 kitchen gadgets to make healthy cooking easier.

premium-herb-scissors-set-by-chefastHerb Scissors Set by Chefast

With five sets of durable stainless steel blades, the Chefast herb scissors can snip all kinds of herbs quickly and precisely – without damaging their delicate leaves. The large handles are made from soft and non-slip thermoplastic rubber for the most comfortable grip.

Cleaning these herb scissors is practically effortless. Just use the safety cover with cleaning comb to swipe the lingering residue. If that’s not enough, a quick rinse is all it needs to clean the blades completely.

The Chefast 5-blade herb scissors are not just a kitchen gadget. They’re also fantastic as an arts and crafts tool, and cutting fabrics or thick papers is not a problem with their heavy-duty stainless steel blades.

With this around, cutting fresh herbs has never been easier and more efficient.

Each purchase of this product includes the following:

• 5-blade stainless steel herb scissors
• 2 empty drawstring herb bags
• A special eBook about herbs that is sent after purchase via email.
• Stylish box which is great for gift-giving.
• Lifetime replacement warranty

The last time we checked, Chefast offered this unique set on Amazon at a limited time price of $10.99…

Click Here For More Details About This Premium Herb Scissors Set By Chefast

norpro-fresh-herb-keeperNorpro Fresh Herb Keeper

Fresh herbs don’t have a long shelf life. That’s why it’s important to use them immediately. But there’s a secret to making them last far longer than a day: Store it in an herb storage container, also known as an herb keeper. One of the bests out there is the Norpro fresh herb keeper.

No more slimy or dried-up herbs. The Norpro fresh herb keeper doesn’t just keep herbs fresh for up to 24 hours, but for 3 long weeks!

Herbs stored in the Norpro fresh herb keeper would last longer if placed in the refrigerator. It seals herbs airtight, so they won’t absorb fridge odors. It’s safe to use a water-soluble and erasable ink pen to label and date this herb keeper.

It measures 9 inches (23cm) tall and 3.75 inches (9.5cm) in diameter. It’s large enough to store most soft-stemmed herbs, such as cilantro and parsley, and woody-stemmed herbs, such as oregano and rosemary.

This fresh herb keeper is top shelf dishwasher safe.

For people who love cooking fresh herbs, perhaps including you, the Norpro fresh herb keeper is a blessing. It’s easy to use and extends the life of herbs for weeks—without the slime.

Click Here For More Details About The Norpro Fresh Herb Keeper


aroma-housewares-digital-cool-touch-rice-cookerAroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker

Save more time by using this digital rice cooker and steamer by Aroma Housewares. It perfectly cooks 4 to 8 cups of any rice variety, with special functions for Brown and White Rice. It “thinks” for itself, thanks to its Unique Sensor Logic Technology that automatically adjusts the temperature to enhance the rice’s taste and texture. Once it finishes cooking the rice, it switches to the Keep-Warm mode.

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook your meals. It enhances your food’s flavor, while retaining its essential nutrients. This digital rice cooker comes with a steam tray, which allows you to cook vegetables and meats while the rice cooks underneath. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

If you need to prepare your meals ahead of time, don’t worry. This digital rice cooker is equipped with a 15-hour delay timer, a feature that’s perfect for people always on the go.

Other things included in the package: recipe booklet, measuring cup, steam tray, soup ladle, and serving spatula.

Click Here For More Details About The Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker

cuisinart-smart-stick-hand-blenderCuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender makes blending easier and faster than ever. It offers two speed options: high or low to meet your blending needs. Use this to mix your healthy smoothies, sauces, dressings, crêpe batters, soups, and cold drinks right into cooking pans, pots, bowls, glasses, and pitchers.

Operating it is a breeze. Control the powerful 200-watt motor at the touch of a button. Simply push and hold down the Low or High button to blend. And once you’re done, just release the button to stop blending.

Cleanup is quick and easy. To clean, push the button on the back of the unit to release the shaft and let your dishwasher do the rest.

Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender is not just convenient and functional. It also looks good in a variety of bold colors: Brushed Chrome, Key Lime Pie, Metallic Charcoal, Metallic Red, Red, Pink, Sapphire, White, and White Pearl.

This hand blender comes with a microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe mixing beaker and a three-year limited warranty.

Click Here For More Details About The Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender

brieftons-manual-food-chopperBrieftons Manual Food Chopper

With its ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, the Brieftons manual food chopper chops and blends fruits, herbs, vegetables, nuts, ice, soft foods, and more in seconds. Just pull the string a few times to start the job.

It’s compact and made of safe materials. It measures 5.12 inches by 5.12 inches by 3.94 inches and weighs only 6.7 ounces. All plastic components are BPA-free and food-grade safe. The blades are concealed, so you don’t have to worry about kitchen accidents involving your kids.

This tool is easy to assemble and take apart. Once you have finished using it, just load it in the top shelf of your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Items included:

• A lid with an easy pull cord
• 1 3-cup bowl
• A cutting rotator with 2 durable and sharp stainless steel blades
• Free: 3 Brieftons recipe eBooks

Click Here For More Details About The Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

Cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be a struggle every single time. The five kitchen gadgets we mentioned in this article are very affordable (especially the Chefast premium herb scissors set), and they can really make your life much easier in the kitchen…

Well, that’s it for today. Let us know if you have other ideas for useful kitchen gadgets which can make healthy cooking faster.

Have a great day 🙂

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