A Healthy Diet For Bodybuilding – Few Tips And Advice

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healthy diet for bodybuilding
Having the right diet that is capable of being a major part of your body building experience is absolutely imperative. The only way to achieve maximum results is if you are eating the right foods every day. It is from the diet you consume that your body gets its energy to put in the necessary work to build muscle.

Diet is also where the body will get much of its nutrients that it will use to help muscles recover after working out. One kind of diet will help you pack on fat and cost you energy. But the right diet will keep fat in your body to a minimum and give you the energy you need to really push it in the gym.

The first place to start when designing your diet is with protein. This is the building blocks the body will use to build and repair muscles. No matter what you have read elsewhere, there is no doubting that if you fail to get enough protein, you will find that your progress will slow to a snail’s pace or worse, come to a complete halt.

Obviously if you are working to build muscle, you do not want to work out for weeks or months with little or no progress. For this reason you must consume enough protein each and every day. So what is enough protein? It is recommended that you take in at least one gram of protein for each pound of weight your body has. Very serious body builders should increase the daily protein to one and a half grams for each pound of weight they have already.

Recommended sources of protein are fish, especially cold water sea fish like salmon and tuna. Chicken, turkey and lean beef are also good choices. Eggs are another good source of protein. For none meat sources you can look to nuts and beans as well.

Many people today are being misled into believing that carbohydrates are somehow bad food. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The problem comes in with today’s commonly processed carbohydrates. The thing you need to understand is that your body uses glucose like a car uses gasoline. It is the bodies’ fuel. Carbs are the best sources of glucose for the body.

So why do so many people say these are bad? This is because that heavily processed carbs put an overabundance of glucose in the body all at once and the body cannot make use of it like that, so a few things happen. One, what it can’t use immediately for fuel, it converts to fat and stores it for later use. Second, it immediately sends out a natural chemical that is similar to insulin that diabetics use to keep the body from overdosing on glucose which is essentially sugar.

This eventually leads to all kinds of health related problems that lead you down a path that stops you from achieving your body building goals. What you need are unprocessed carbohydrates such as vegetables and fruits along with whole wheat breads and others grains such as brown rice, pumpernickel, rye and barley.

The potato also has a bad rap. You should eat potatoes, but eat them boiled or baked instead of deep fried. Pasta from whole grain sources are also great carbs you can eat.

You may think that it is best to avoid fats altogether. This is another myth that is currently trendy to think. The fact is that the body needs a certain amount of healthy fat. Getting enough fat and the right kinds of fat are an essential part of your healthy diet for body building.

Unsaturated fat helps our bodies to function correctly and in an efficient manner that is imperative when body building. Some good examples of unsaturated fat are flaxseed oil and olive oil. Butter and lard are solid when at room temperature and these are examples of fat to avoid when body building. Unsaturated fat on the other hand remains liquid when at room temperature. This is an easy way to understand the difference.

You will want to make sure you are getting enough fiber in your diet. Many body builders do not, and they get clogged up and this hinders progress.

Always make sure to get enough daily nutrition and drink enough water. These things will all work together to give you top performance when body building.

For other tips and recommendations about a healthy diet for bodybuilding check the attached video below.

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