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high matabolism diet recipes
Don’t we all envy people who seem to have a naturally high metabolism and can eat whatever they want? Actually, that high metabolism might not just be in their genes but might also be caused by the types of food that they eat. That is the idea behind the Fast Metabolism Diet.

The creators of this diet believe that some food causes inflammation, so it tends to signal the body to hold onto fat and throw the digestive system out of balance. Another premise is that some kinds of food and chemicals in food will send the body into starvation mode even if lots of calories are getting consumed. Does this diet work? It surely seems to be working for some people, so let’s consider some recipes!

About Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes

This diet does have a list of foods that should be avoided at all times. It might be possible to modify some recipes to fit in with the principals of the Fast Metabolism Diet. For example, oatmeal or oats can be substituted for wheat in many recipes.

However, it also operates on a principal of body confusion. This means it switches up the type of diet every few days, so the body doesn’t get too comfortable about digesting just one kind of food. Each of the three diet phases has a different purpose, but they all work together as well for maximum results. Because the diet changes and isn’t really restrictive overall, it could be easier to stick too than a diet that is just low carb or low fat.

Foods To Avoid In Metabolic Diet Recipes

Included in the list of foods to always avoid are corn, soy, wheat, and dairy products. The diet also encourages people to eliminate alcohol, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and dried fruit. Any kinds of food that are labeled as “diet food,” “fat free,” or “0 calorie” are also off limits. As the diet book says, “If it’s fake, take a break!”

How The Fast Metabolism Diet Works

The basic idea of the diet is that certain common types of food put undue stress on the digestive system. They trick the body into thinking it is in starvation mode even if plenty of calories are consumed. Beyond that, the diet works by relying on cycles that help the body burn food quicker.

Phase I

During the first phase, the idea is eat a diet that is fairly high in carbs, low in fat, and also high in C and B vitamins. The idea behind this part of the diet is to calm the adrenal glands and the entire person in a holistic way with food.

Phase II

This part of the diet is meant to help build up muscle and release stored fat. In this phase, both fat and carbs are restricted, but protein is featured.

In this part, recipes can only contain lemon or lime as a fruit. Grains are eliminated. However, dieters can enjoy an unlimited amount of vegetables and a moderate amount of protein. In this phase, good recipes might be stir fried dishes with no rice or stews with no potatoes.

Phase III

This is the part of the diet that might be more like a good lifetime diet plan. It helps raise metabolism and promote heart health. It’s high in healthy kinds of fat and allows moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Vegetables are unlimited and lower glycemic fruit is allowed.

Do Fast Metabolism Diet Recipes Work?

Some people have great success with this diet. Again, it allows for some variety because of the different phases. Finally, some folks actually enjoy success when they don’t stick 100 percent to the diet but just make some healthy changes.

For example, the diet restricts caffeine because the creators believe it interferes with natural hormone production. However, some folks just can’t give up their coffee but try to reduce their consumption to a couple of cups a day and still seem to get good results.

Also, some people just do phase II of the diet and still lose weight, so people don’t have to follow it religiously to benefit from it…

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