A Friendly Acid Reflux Diet That You Should Follow

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diet for acid reflux
As you may now, acid reflux is caused by stomach acid entering the esophagus. Stomach acid is extremely acidic. If you’ve ever thrown up and felt that burning sensation that comes with it, it’s because there was stomach acid in your vomit.

Some People Are Effected By Different Foods

Acid reflux can be unique to an individual. There may be a certain food that your body hates digesting. If this is the case, you’re going to have to find out which one it is. Keeping a diet diary, recording everything you’ve eaten over the course of the day, is a great way to find out the source of the problem. They’re several obvious foods that can cause you to have acid reflux; your acid reflux is most likely caused by one of them.

Fried Foods

Fried foods are often extremely high in fat. That’s because of all the oil that’s added to them. They are high in both saturated and unsaturated fats. Both of which are known to possibly cause acid reflux. Fat often causes your LES to relax. This is the thing that keeps stomach acid from reaching the esophagus. If it’s relaxed, it’s not properly shut. Therefore, it cannot complete its function of keeping acid out of your esophagus.


Chocolate may not be as known for its ability to cause acid reflux, but it can do it just the same. It’s not the fat content alone in chocolate that leads to acid reflux. Chocolate also causes acid reflux because it has a chemical known to medical science as methylxanthine. This chemical works in much the same way that fat does to cause acid reflux. It relaxes the fold that stops stomach acid from reaching the esophagus.


Quitting a habit like smoking’s a difficult task. It’s highly addictive. Most people claim that they can’t stop smoking after the first few packs. Tobacco is also a culprit when it comes to acid reflux because it weakens the lower esophageal muscle.

Chewing Gum, Hard Candy

Chewing gum and hard candy often increase acid reflux. That’s because they increase the amount of air we swallow by a lot. You may not realize that you’re swallowing air while you’re chewing gum, but you are. Chewing gum can often lead to excess belching. If you’re constantly chewing gum, it’s very likely that the excess air will cause you to have acid reflux.

Citrus Foods

Citrus foods have a lot of vitamin C. This is extremely important for the body. Obviously, if citrus is the reason for your acid reflux, you will need to take a supplement. Citrus fruits contain a lot of acid, making the stomach even more acidic then it already is. A highly acidic stomach isn’t as capable of holding all that acid in itself as a a stomach with a healthy PH.

Things To Avoid Doing

Bending over, and tight clothing have been known to increase acid reflux. Acid reflux is a lot more common in overweight patients. Losing weight will most likely remedy the situation. To prevent acid reflux while you’re asleep, you can elevate the head of your bed about a half food higher. Gravity will cause the acid to stay in your stomach.

Get It Resolved

If you aren’t able to pinpoint the reason for your acid reflux, it’s time to see a doctor. They may be able to give you a medication that’ll help get your stomach acid levels back to normal. A natural solution’s always better than an artificial one. With so many things that can cause acid reflux, it’s very likely that you’ll find a solution without medical intervention. You’ll enjoy life so much more without this pesky problem.


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