The Acid Alkaline Diet – Short Intro And Useful Details

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The Acid Alkaline Diet
If you are reading this, then you must have heard about the acid alkaline diet, but you do not know what it is, what it calls for, what you can eat and even whether it is expensive. Well, in this article, we will be answering most of the questions you have in mind and ease you the burden of curiosity…

The Acid Alkaline Diet Explained

Simply put, The Acid Alkaline Diet is a way of eating, drinking and living, designed to oxygenate the blood cells, making them more efficient and stronger. An alkaline diet puts emphasis on alkaline foods, just like the name suggests. These foods include whole fruits, vegetables and some whole grains that are low in calories. A healthy alkaline diet will have foods that work to achieve a balance between the acidity and alkalinity levels in your body.

Most people are acidic, and this is as a result of the lifestyle this modern age has imposed to many. People continue to get sicker and fatter, and this is directly contributed to the acidic life we live. In fact, we get fat as the bodies store excess fat in an attempt to bind the acids which could harm the vital organs.

With an alkaline diet, your body no longer needs to bind any acids, and so it has no reason to store excess fat.

Is The Alkaline Diet Strict?

Many people say that this diet is strict, but the strictness goes as far as the foods you should avoid. However, the alkaline diet is not even designed to be much of a diet as it involves a temporal change in eating habits that ends once you have achieved your goal in weight loss. The diet is intended to be more of a lifestyle shift, just like how you would shift to become a vegetarian. However, if you plan shift to the alkaline diet, it is better you stick to it for the long haul. With the right recipes and education, you will discover that it is not as limited as it sounds in the first place.

What To Eat On The Alkaline Diet?

This must have been your second question after the definition. Well, this diet is primarily plant based, and it majors on the pH levels of foods. Animal products are off boundaries with this diet, with the exception of fish from time to time.

Raw green and leafy vegetables are the primary components of an alkaline diet as they have the most alkalizing effect on your blood. Fresh fruits and vegetables like avocados, olive oil, raw almonds, spouts and salads are encouraged. Other alkaline promoting foods include; Hazelnuts, Green beans, Red wine, Tomatoes, Cherries, Cauliflower, Radishes, Zucchini, Carrots, Apricots, Bananas, Potatoes and celery.

With the help of a nutritionist, you should be able to find quite remarkable meals that happen to be tasty and enjoyable.

Is The Alkaline Diet Expensive?

Well, it is not, but it is not all that cheap either. You will have to invest on a couple of things, one being educational resources that will help you navigate your way through the lifestyle. You will also have to invest in stuff like pH test strips, a juicer and certain supplements. It is also best of you buy all your produce in organic form and this makes the diet quite and investment. Also, if you are able, you can invest on a water ionizer, which purifies and makes your water alkaline. This is not a cheap investment though.


In conclusion, we would say that an acid alkaline diet is a great way of living. However, my statement can only be theoretical as there are many obstacles which work against us. The diet can be strict to some people, expensive to others and it calls for a major lifestyle change which can be a challenge to almost everybody. However, living healthy is imperative and if you want to live life at its very peak, then this diet is your ticket. Alkalizing your body is probably the best thing you can ever do for yourself. This diet has reversed diabetes and even cancer in many occasions, and it certainly helps in weight loss.

The benefits of this diet are cumulative, but to have these benefits, you need to invest your time, sacrifice your current lifestyle and be persistent…

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