Belly Melt For Women Review – A Real Fat Loss Solution?

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Belly Melt For Women
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On this post we will review the Belly Melt For Women system by John Shein and Glen Richards.

In order to make everything easier for you we will break down this page into two sections:

1. A short section that contains basic information regarding the Belly Melt For Women program.

2. An in-depth review which will cover the Belly Melt For Women system in details and present you with all the important information which we believe you must understand about this fat loss program…

Basic Information

Product’s Name: Belly Melt For Women

Creator: John Shein and Glen Richards

Release Date: 2015

Learning Format: Downloadable guides

Refund Policy: 100% money back guarantee for two months

Official Website:


Full Review

1. The Key Details

Belly Melt for Women is a program developed by John Shein (a passionate natural health practitioner and researcher) and Glen Richards, who is a nutritionist and weight loss expert. The program was designed specifically for women who want to understand the root causes of belly fat and enjoy sexier figure and flat tummy without any expensive surgery.

At a glance, below are some of the major topics contained in the Belly Melt for Women guide:

The First part of the Belly Melt for Women guide provides comprehensive information on the various methods that the body stores fat in the belly part. Here Glen Richards assists you to identify the condition that is affecting you.

In the next part Glen gives you a list of reasons as to why your body is storing lots of fats and how it can be reversed.

Knowledge about the foods that accelerate the fat storage process of your body is shared too. In this part, Glen and John provide you with information on the foods that helps your body to do away with those ugly stored fats.

There are two exercise methods that are provided inside the Belly Melt For Women program. The exercises are meant to target your omentum – the main reason that prevents you from removing stubborn belly fat, and according to the authors these exercises are comparable to a three-hour cardio workout.

Information about Liver detoxification methods is shared too in the guide. This is especially critical to losing belly fat as it helps to increase the production of some specific fat burning hormones in your body…

Besides the main guide, there are also some bonus items that come inside the Belly Melt for Women package. They include:

1. A guide that contains a list of healthy dessert recipes that were specifically designed by professional dietitians and trained chefs.

2. A guide called “You Diet Meal Plan”. The “You” guide is designed for you to discover the diet that is unique to you alone and it contains recommendations for a two-week plan for meals you can prepare each day. This will assist you drop the belly fat in your waist fruitfully.

3. The last bonus guide contains a list of the foods you can comfortably eat in fast foods restaurants. This information can be really important for you so that you will not make your belly fat situation worse by making bad choices when eating out…


2. An In-Depth Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


Seems To Work

From a research we did online, we found out that most women with belly fat who took the program were contented with the results they got after undergoing the process. Many of the women who took the program claim that it gave them a new lease on life, and said that it was very easy to understand everything the authors mentioned inside the program.

Uses Natural And Active Ways To Dissolve Belly Fat

Belly Melt For Women does not require changing your lifestyle to the extreme, like starving yourself. You can still have your desserts, and you only need between 10 to 20 minutes of workout daily.

Probably the best thing about this program is that it takes about 10 to 30 days for you to notice some considerable reduction in the belly fat around your waist. Considering there are no pills involved, i.e. the process is all natural, this is a very short time period.

Offers Numerous Benefits

Apart from helping you get a sexier figure, Belly Melt For Women has far more important benefits. For example, by following the program the risk of developing life-threatening conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases is reduced, and it also assists in restoring sex drive, hormone production, and overall functioning.

It Comes With Beneficial Bonus Reports

There is no doubt that the bonus guides offered inside the Belly Melt For Women system are very useful and offer real value. They all have “tasty” information to women, including those with no belly fat problems at all.

Full Money-Back Guarantee

A 60 day no stress refund guarantee is available if you are not satisfied with the results of the Belly Melt For Women program.

Considering that the results are expected between 10 to 30 days, we personally believe that 60 days are more than enough time for you to check the program and confirm your results…


The Main Cons


Psychological Preparedness

We think that the Belly Melt for Women program would be more valuable if a report on how to deal with mental conditioning could be included. It could help individuals with mental problems have an easier time participating in the program and being successful.

Require Both Monetary And Time Investments

Apart from the monetary investment you will incur, non-monetary investment (discipline and patience) have to be invested too for the program to be successful. If you are not going to give yourself entirely to the program, then don’t expect any results to come soon.

Available Online Only And In Digital Edition

The Belly Melt for Women program is only available for purchase online and it can’t be found in hard-cover version at stores…


3. Our Verdict

Final Scores
  • Amount of Content - 8/10
  • Quality Of Content - 9/10
  • User Friendliness - 8.5/10
  • Bonus items - 9/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10
  • Overall Value For Money - 9/10

Overall, Belly Melt For Women by John Shein and Glen Richards is a decent fat loss program for women which gets the average rating of 8.6/10 from us. While this program lacks some info on how to deal with mental conditioning, there is no doubt that it offers powerful yet easy to follow methods to lose belly fat naturally and safely pretty fast.

What we really like about the Belly Melt For Women program is that it is doesn’t require changing your lifestyle to the extreme or to starve yourself in order to achieve results. In addition, the fact that it can also help you reduce other life-threatening conditions such as diabetes is also an important advantage that most people will appreciate about this program.

All in all, if you are looking for an easy to follow, effective and safe program that was designed especially for women who want to lose belly fat naturally, then Belly Melt For Women may be a great choice for you.

Moreover, the sixty days refund guarantee that Glen Richards and John Shein provide actually makes the Belly Melt For Women system 100% risk-free. With all these things in mind, we personally believe that you can try the Belly Melt For Women program with full confidence…

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