Best Diet For Six Pack Abs – 6 Important Things

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diet for six pack abs
Getting abs can be a difficult task. Especially when you are not aware of the proper nutrition required to get them. In order to get abs, you need to do more than just work out. You need to eat the right foods and more importantly, avoid the wrong ones.

Below we will discuss some of the most important things when it comes to the best diet for six pack abs…

1. Protein

The first thing that you are going to want to get in your diet is protein – and a lot of it. You should aim for at least .8 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This should be your aim because protein is the most important thing that you can get into your diet for building muscle. Muscles rely on protein to feed them and help them grow. Without enough protein in your diet, you will likely experience less muscle growth.

2. Less Carbohydrates

It is also important to not eat a ton of carbohydrates – most important no simple carbohydrates. You should avoid these kinds of carbohydrates because they can add a ton of fat. Because the body digests them so quickly, they are treated as sugar in the body. This means that they are your bodies preferred source for energy when present. Because of this, your body does not seek out other (more preferred) nutrients to utilize for energy such as fat and/or protein. It is best if you can train your body to feed off of fat in order to generate energy.

3. Fat

A lot of people think that fat is bad and that they should avoid it if they are trying to lose weight. The truth is, fat is good for losing weight. It is especially important that you get enough “good” fat into your diet. Good fat consists of Omega 3. You will want to get a ton of Omega 3 into your diet in order to give your body an optimal environment to experience weight and fat loss. You should be able to get a bunch of omega 3 from eating nuts, fish, and seeds. You can always take fish oil supplements as well if you cannot get enough from your diet.

4. Supplements

If you are not getting enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals through your traditional diet, it is essential that you supplement accordingly. You may want to consider adding a whey protein shake to your morning routine. This will help jump start your metabolism and help your body avoid the mid day hunger. You will also want to add vitamin D to your diet. Vitamin D is going to help your body absorb the fat and utilize it efficiently.

5. Eggs

Eggs are nature’s superfood. You will want to eat enough eggs – particularly during breakfast. This will help jumpstart your day and give your breakfast a ton of protein and other vitamins to help kick start your metabolism.

6. Green Tea

Green tea has been proven to have good effects for your metabolism. If you want to increase your overall metabolism, you should try getting at least 1 cup of green tea in per day. Not only will it help increase your metabolism, but it has also been proven to be able to curb hunger.

As you can see, losing weight and getting abs has a lot more to do with proper nutrition rather than simply working out. A lot of people work out a ton and wonder why they cannot get their desired look for their abs. It is because they only have half of the puzzle figured out. Once you figure out your diet, your workout routine should get you the rest of the way towards getting the abs of your dreams. Be sure to really put an emphasis on cardio if you want to get the most defined abs possible. The less body fat percentage you have, the more your abs are going to show.

Therefore, you need to get your total body fat down in order to get the best results. All of the foods, vitamins, and supplements discussed in this article should get you where you want/need to be. Just be sure to follow the tips above…

Have a great day!

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