Recommended Diet For Erectile Dysfunction

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diet for erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction (denoted ED) is a condition that makes a man unable to have an erection. If the erection is achieved, it only lasts a few seconds or a minute before the penis becomes flaccid once again. This condition mostly affects men over the age of 25, though statistics indicates even younger men are susceptible to the same.

Physiologists, cardiologists, and sexologists link erectile dysfunction to unbecoming lifestyles and unhealthy dieting. Men who stick to well-balanced nutritional meals every day have a less chance of suffering from ED as compared to the ones who consume fast/factory manufactured foods.

The most stressing fact about erectile dysfunction is however that, there is no clinical cure for the condition. The only recommended and effective way of dealing with the situation is by adopting a proper nutritional plan. Some foods have been identified to help correct the problem by increasing blood flow in the penis thus making an erection possible. These foods however have to be taken fresh to have a positive impact on one’s life. Some of the foods that sexologists and nutritionists recommend to contain ED include:

1. Celery And Spinach (Green Leafy Vegetables)

Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach and celery, are an excellent choice for ED patients. These veggies are rich in nitrates, a compound that helps open up blood vessels thus making an erection possible. In addition to this, nitrates play an important role of facilitating vasodilation within the penis, which makes it possible for one to hold an erection for longer. Moreover, they are also vital for the manufacture of blood cells components (hemoglobin) that transport oxygen to target body parts and tissues, in this case, the penis. Adding some spinach in your diet plan is therefore recommended for ED patients.

2. Beetroot Juice

Beetroots have a relatively higher concentration of nitrates than spinach and celery. Although beetroot can be added in your cookery, it is always advisable to take it raw to help preserve the natural compounds that promote better health. Beetroot juice not only facilitates an erection, but also helps increase blood production in the body. As long as RBC and hemoglobin count is in check, then getting an erection will be no problem. You can either use beetroot with other fruits to make a smoothie or just chew it as well.

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is celebrated for being rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are compounds that facilitate natural detoxification and repair of damaged cells. Many of the people suffering from erectile dysfunction are obese/overweight, which makes their body cells toxic due to concentration of fats and cholesterol. Trying to lose some weight however increases cell toxicity due to oxidation of fats. Eating fruits (that are rich in antioxidants), helps facilitate natural detoxification. Dark chocolate has however shown the capacity help in detoxification hence increasing one’s vitality and performance in bed.

4. Oysters and Shellfish

These are excellent sources of omega fatty acids and zinc. The key compound here is the zinc, which is the mineral needed for the production of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that plays many roles in men, with maintaining an erection being one of them. A low level of testosterone production in the body is a root cause for erectile dysfunction or even premature ejaculation in most men. Increasing zinc intake by having oysters or shellfish in your diet plan can therefore help contain the problem.

5. Watermelon

A watermelon is believed to be rich in compounds found in Viagra, hence an excellent home remedy for erectile dysfunction. To begin with, watermelons are good sources of minerals, water, and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients have a huge impact on the human body as they facilitate natural detox in the body, as well as help blood vessels to relax. By inducing relaxation of blood vessel in the penis, blood can gush into the millions of capillaries in the penis facilitating erection. It is after the penis is erect that nitrates come into play.

Butternuts and pumpkin seeds are excellent home remedies for ED as well. This is because they are very rich in essential oils and zinc. As discussed above, zinc plays a critical role in stimulating testosterone production. Although the home remedies discussed above can help contain an ED, it is advisable to lead a healthy life by eating healthy and exercising…

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