Erectile Dysfunction Causes And Cures

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Erectile Dysfunction Causes


It can be the most frustrating in the world to not be able to get it up when the time comes. A lot of men in this day are dealing with erectile dysfunction and it seems that is also happening more and more at younger ages.

A lot of companies are capitalizing on products that allow men to beat erectile dysfunction, but in many situations, they are only putting a bandaid on much larger issues.

If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction, there are some symptomatic causes that you can look into, to make sure that you can get past this issue with no problem.

We will recommend you to take advantage of the information below so that you can take an honest look at your life and begin working through these issues…

#1: Take An Honest Assessment Of Your Porn Use And Habits

Before you run out and buy some pills, think about the sexual food you are feeding your brain. Porn is great in small quantities, but when you rely on it too much, it can warp your sexual perceptions and make it difficult to be in bed with a flesh and blood woman. Many people have begun turning away from porn, as referenced by the growing “no fap” movement that a lot of men have vowed to uphold and be apart of. Think about your porn use and see if it is affecting the way that you are performing in bed.

#2: Your Body Is A Temple — A Bad Diet Means Bad Bedroom Performance And Erection

You will only be as sexually healthy as your overall body health. So if you are feeding your body junk, it is only right that you will have a junkie performance in the bed. Erections depend on the flow of blood, and you cannot get an abundance of blood flow to your penis if you have high blood pressure, high body fat and high cholesterol. Make sure that you adopt a diet that is high in fresh produce, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Add in some lean meats for protein and stay away from processed foods whenever possible.

#3: Stress Can Be A Surefire Erection Killer

You would be surprised how much of a toll stress can have on your body. You need to find some activities to clear your mind and allow yourself to relax and unwind. We live in a society that is always on the go and filled with work, work, work, so to tap out of the matrix for a while, make sure that you add beings such as yoga and meditation to your life. This will help you to reap exponential benefits, which will carry over into your performance in the bedroom You will go in light as a feather and with mental clarity.

#4: Sometimes It Can Be All In Your Head — Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a huge issue that might affect the way that you perform in the bedroom. If you are worried about impressing your lover or only thinking about the potential for a bad performance, it can be easy to not be able to achieve an erection. It is like a defense mechanism of sorts, because your body does not allow you to go into a situation that it believes is unsafe for you. So you should do what you have to in order to overcome fears and walk into the situation with a positive state of mind.

#5: Poor Breathing And Circulation Can Cause Poor Erection Quality

Breathing gives and sustains life, so if you want to avoid erectile dysfunction, one of the best things you can do is master your breathing. This will allow you to give vital nutrients to your body and allow your blood to circulate properly. It will also allow your energy to flow as it should, without getting caught up at the various stopping points along the way throughout your body. Practicing your breathing while running or engaging in things like meditation and yoga will allow you to perfect your breathing and you can also even hire a breathing coach, or take part in some breathing exercises.

As you can see, it is not the end of the world if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, because there are some logical reasons why it is happening. The biggest thing to do is make an assessment of yourself to see if and how these issues are playing a role in your life. It is only when you do this that you will have the power to solve these problems. Go over the issues laid out in this piece, so that you are able to get back on your feet and explore how you might be able to fix these issues, so that your erectile dysfunction becomes a thing of the past.

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