A Diet For High Blood Pressure That Works

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diet for high blood pressure
High blood pressure
is often seen as a disease that can only be controlled by medicine that needs to be taken for a lifetime. If you have high blood pressure you should certainly take your medicine, but it is highly likely that making certain lifestyle changes, (particularly with your diet), could eliminate the need for the meds. Here we will discuss the foods and nutrition you should aim for as a diet for high blood pressure.

Salt, stress and being overweight are all factors that strongly play into having and keeping high blood pressure. By reducing the amount of salt we consume and increasing the amounts of potassium, calcium and magnesium we take in can help restore a better balance to our bodies and help our natural immune system to bring our blood pressure back to with-in normal ranges.

If you are wondering if diet and stress reduction can work, just consider that since the discovery of penicillin over 85 years ago, no medication has ever cured anything. All modern medicine does is either mask symptoms so we do not feel discomfort from them, and control some aspects of our body that would otherwise be highly dangerous for us.

In other words, when you take blood pressure medicine it is only for the purpose of keeping it from going so high that it is dangerous for you. That is useful, but it is not a cure. So if you want to have your body return to a healthy state of normal blood pressure, the only way to do so is to eat right, exercise and reduce stress.

Three quarters of a century ago a doctor who had been imprisoned by the Nazi’s during WW2, had later come to America and created a diet known as the “Rice Diet”. This program was so successful that Duke University supported the facilities for well over a half a century.

It was demonstrated over and over again that those who had high blood pressure and other related illnesses could indeed control these issues and eventually come off their medications for them by following a diet very low in sodium and that consisted of mostly rice and vegetables along with some fruits. It includes lean meat only one or two times a week.

Over time, those that strictly followed the rice diet would lose weight, gain energy, reduce stress and eventually bring their high blood pressure and other related illnesses to normal ranges. This often lead to either a reduction in medications being taken and often meant the patient could completely stop taking the medication altogether.

Regular exercise has also been found to greatly help with this issue. It does not have to be a vigorous workout at the gym. It can be a brisk walk around the neighborhood or at a local park. Exercise decreases stress, helps to maintain healthy weight ranges and increases our strength and sense of well-being.

The simple truth is that many of today’s ills are controllable and preventable by simply following reasonable habits of diet and exercise. The foods above are a necessary part of a diet for high blood pressure that simply works…

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