Dr. Steve Young’s Back Pain Breakthrough – Full Review

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Back Pain Breakthrough


Back Pain Breakthrough ReviewsWhat Exactly Is The “Back Pain Breakthrough”?

Created by Dr. Steve Young, a back pain specialist,

the Back Pain Breakthrough solution

was designed for people who are suffering from back, neck, and sciatica pain. This will show you simple and brief methods that Dr. Young developed to realign your back and release pressure on your spine, which in turn eliminates back pain in as fast as 30 days or less.

Dr. Young named three major reasons people suffer from back pain:

Sitting for long periods.
Having a forward-head posture places 60 pounds of pressure on your spinal cord.
Excessive inward curve of your lower spine (lordosis) puts you at risk of herniated discs, sciatic pain, and trapped nerves (also called a pinched nerve).

Dr. Steve Young promises to relieve back pain regardless of the cause through his Targeted Spinal Release™ method. This method is supposed to realign your spine and permanently eliminate back pain by releasing the pressure in the three pressure points in your spine. He also claims that his method could trigger the production of gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), a brain chemical that’s crucial for feelings of happiness and relaxation. It also interferes with the pain signals directed to the brain.

The Back Pain Breakthrough works in three steps:

Step 1: You’ll perform the Targeted Spinal Release™ method for 10 minutes daily.

Step 2: There’s a 30-second movement you can use any time of the day, especially when your back becomes stiff and tight. This movement will realign your spine into its proper position.

Step 3: You can use this third movement throughout the day to keep your spine strong and healthy.

In the six-part video masterclass, you’ll find out the following:

One thing you should do every morning and before going to bed to realign your spine while releasing pressure points.

You can also use this simple and subtle technique to keep your back strong when you have to sit for prolonged periods.

You’ll also learn how to perform Dr. Young’s 10-minute Targeted Spinal Release™ method at home.

Then, there’s the Back-Pain Extinguisher™ method, which he created to remove pressure off the spinal nerves and promote instant pain relief.

Do you have sciatic nerve pain (sharp pain that radiates through your hips, buttocks, and legs)? If yes, you’ll learn to perform a 30-second movement that provides permanent relief from sciatic nerve pain.

If you have lordosis, you can use his “10-Pound, Flat Belly Bonus” to correct it, and there’s a lot more…

The Back Pain Breakthrough system also comes with a free gift called the “Targeted Spinal Release: The Manual.”

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this manual:

Dr. Young’s most effective technique for releasing the tension that has built up throughout the day. With this technique, you won’t have difficulty falling and staying asleep due to back pain.

He also shares a movement that you can perform anytime during the day to stop pain in its tracks.

You can also use his “bracing” technique whenever you’re changing your body positions…

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The Pros and Cons of the Back Pain Breakthrough


The Pros


It’s Customizable

This is one of the things that makes the Back Pain Breakthrough stand out from other alternative solutions for back pain. When you sign up for this, you’ll learn exactly how to tweak the Targeted Spinal Release™ based on your body type and the root cause of your pain.

The Movements are Brief and Doable

You only need to invest 10 minutes of your time each day for this. We doubt anyone could be so busy that they can’t have at least 10 minutes or more free time each day. If you have time to check your social media accounts or email, then it’s not impossible that you’ll have time for this, too.

Dr. Steve Young Seems to be Legit

Do you know those so-called specialists that use fake photos on their websites? Dr. Young doesn’t seem to be one of them, at least based on our quick background check.

Dr. Steve Young is the Director of Fitness and Physical Therapy for Body Solutions. If you check their website, you’ll find a picture of him there. According to Tineye.com, it doesn’t appear anywhere else online. It’s totally unique. Meaning, it didn’t come from a stock photography website. We suggest you go through the Body Solutions website to know more about him.

It Offers Relief to Most Types of Back Pain

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been suffering from back pain. If you’ve had back pain for months, tried almost all of the mainstream treatments (pain medications, spinal manipulation, physical therapy, etc.), then this is perfect for you.

He Backs It Up with a Money-Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to try the Back Pain Breakthrough solution. If it doesn’t eliminate your back pain for good, just let them know, and they’ll return every penny you spent.

That’s not the best thing about this guarantee, though. Dr. Young will also give you a $100 if you meet his four criteria. These criteria will let him know that despite giving the Targeted Spinal Release™ method your best shot, it still failed to relieve your back pain.


The Cons


It May Not Work for Your Needs

Like most back pain treatments, there’s always the possibility that this won’t offer you permanent relief. Back pain is a complex problem. You can’t solve it overnight or using only one approach (because of the many possible causes).

You’re Not Supervised by a Specialist

Dr. Steve Young won’t be there in person to tell you if you’re doing the movements correctly or not. But, if you just know how to follow instructions and perform each movement carefully, we doubt you’ll injure your back.

Dr. Young Doesn’t Offer a Physical Copy

The Back Pain Breakthrough program consists of the 6-part video masterclass and eBooks. Normally, people don’t mind reading eBooks or streaming videos. However, we still believe it would be great to have the option to choose between physical and digital version.


The Bottom Line

Should you try the Back Pain Breakthrough solution?

Overall, we feel confident in recommending this program. We really like the customized approach of this system, and Dr. Steve Young doesn’t seem to be lying about his credentials. So far, we didn’t find complaints about him or his Back Pain Breakthrough while we were doing our background check.

Of course, it’s not to say that it’s perfect. Like most treatments, there’s always some people who will not respond positively to this. You might be one of them. Also, if you have a serious spine problem or other health problems, or if you’re simply too lazy or busy to perform these movements every single day, then the Back Pain Breakthrough might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you want to experience relief from back pain without taking pain meds, if you’ve been having lower back, neck, or sciatica pain for 6 months or longer, or if you want a solution to your back pain without using any equipment, then the Back Pain Breakthrough is a great option to consider.

Fortunately, you can always ask for a full refund and get $100 (if you meet the criteria) if you’re not happy with it, so actually, we don’t think you have something to lose here…

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