Meredith Shirk’s One & Done Workout Program – Full Review [2024]

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One and Done Workout Reviews


What Exactly Is The “One and Done Workout”?

Meredith Shirk One and Done WorkoutCreated by Meredith Shirk, a certified personal trainer, lifestyle coach, and a weight loss and nutrition specialist, the “One and Done Workout” is a 2-week, high-intensity workout program that’ll show you exactly how to safely and effectively perform the S.I.T. (Sprint Interval Training) system.

By performing these workouts, you’ll increase your metabolism and continue burning fat for at least 1-2 days. Meredith Shirk says she designed this program to benefit men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

She explains that certain types of workouts could be harmful to the body. The example she gave was indoor cycling, also called spinning. If you perform indoor cycling wrong, the contents of your damaged muscle fibers could leaked into your bloodstream. This could lead to rhabdomyolysis, a medical condition that causes severe kidney complications.

So, what’s the best workout?

According to Meredith Shirk, it’s high-intensity workout. But, as with any type of workout, you need to perform high-intensity workouts in a specific way to reap their benefits and avoid injury. That’s why she teaches her clients her system called the S.I.T. (Sprint Interval Training), a type of interval training.

With the S.I.T. system, you’re going to intensely workout for 20 seconds before entering the active rest period to recover a bit for a minute. Then, repeat the whole process until your total workout time reaches 7 minutes (includes the warm-up and cool-down).

Meredith claims that every time you perform the “Sprint Interval Training,” your body goes into a state wherein it keeps burning excess fat for fuel for 24 hours, and even up to 48 hours.

Once you pay for the One & Done Workout program, you’ll be given your login information via email. In the ‘Member’s ONLY Dashboard,’ you’ll find the high-quality videos of all the 14 S.I.T. workout combinations, in-depth manual, and bonuses (100 green smoothie recipes, 51 red smoothie recipes, and a 7-Day trial for the Svelte Life Series)…

One And Done Workout


The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Credible Author

We really didn’t find anything about Meredith Shirk that caused us to suspect she’s a fraud. All the pictures she used on the website is unique. Meaning, she didn’t buy it or grab it from another person’s profile.

Moreover, she’s visible online, and has more than 16,000 YouTube and Facebook followers.

It’s Time-Efficient

The One and Done Workouts are perfect for busy people. What’s great about this program (or interval training in general) is that you burn lots of calories fast. Your whole workout will only be 7 minutes long.

It’s Convenient for You

You’re not going to use any weights or gym equipment for this. And since all the materials are accessible on your online dashboard, you can do these exercises anywhere that has an internet connection. You don’t have to carry any bulky book or DVD.

High-Intensity Interval Exercise Has Multiple Benefits

As we mentioned, the One & Done workout system allows you to burn a lot of calories in a short period. Plus, you burn calories hours after you’re done exercising. Some studies (such as this one) have shown that high-intensity interval exercise (HIIE) helps induce fat loss, lowers insulin resistance (which causes diabetes and weight gain), and increases skeletal muscle mass.

It’s Affordable

At the time of writing this review, the One and Done workout program is available at a special 60% discount via this special link. When you enroll in this program, you’ll have access to the following:

• 14-day, high-definition videos showing the S.I.T. exercise combinations
• A detailed exercise combination manual
• Access to the ‘Member’s ONLY Dashboard’
• Bonuses: The “101 Detoxifying Red & Green Smoothie Recipes” and the “10-Day ‘Done-For-You’ Keto Restart Meal Plan”
• 24/7 customer support

Meredith Offers a 60-Day Refund Guarantee

Her only request is that you go through this program at least four times before making up your mind. If it didn’t provide any benefits, or didn’t help you reach your fitness goals, simply contact them within 60 days to get a full refund.


The Cons


No In-Person Supervision

We think this is the biggest downside of this type of workout program. You don’t have a certified personal trainer to give you feedback, keep you motivated and accountable, and help you set and reach your goals. You really need to be hard-working, patient, and determined to succeed.

Individual Results Are Not Guaranteed

There’s no assurance that you’ll lose a significant amount of weight after going through the the One & Done workout program for a few weeks or months. There are various factors that could affect your success with this program, such as the presence of a medical problem (e.g., hormonal imbalance), exercise adherence, diet, and physical limitations.

There’s No Physical Copy

At the moment, Meredith Shirk doesn’t offer a physical DVD and book. All of the materials (high-definition videos, manuals, and bonuses) are entirely online.

Meredith Shirk


The Bottom Line

Overall, we think that at the special limited time discounted price, the One & Done Workout program is a steal. One of the great things about it is you can do as much as you can at the beginning. You don’t have to push yourself too hard. What’s more, Meredith provided all the tools you need to perform this program safely and properly. You can do this even if you’re overweight, in your 40s or 70s, or suffering from arthritis and heart disease (as long as your doctor approves).

We’re confident that this would work for most people because of Meredith herself. Just by looking at her, we can already see that she’s doing something right. Also, based on the comments we read from her Facebook account and YouTube videos, it seems people really like her workouts.

Of course, the One and Done method is not perfect, and it might not work on everyone. Some might not like the workouts for different reasons, but not necessarily because they’re not effective. If you do decide to try this, we suggest you stick to it for at least a few weeks before making a decision about it.

Bottom line: If you’re struggling to lose weight due to a medical problem (imbalanced hormones, joint problem, etc.), if you’ve tried almost all workout programs out there without success, or if you are just getting back to working out, The “One and Done Workout” program is a great option to consider…

Well, that’s it for this review. We hope you find this informative, and wish you all the best 🙂

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One And Done Workout Reviews

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