Effective Stretches For Hip Flexors Pain

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Hip Flexors Pain



Hip flexors pain is a common problem that affects mostly those who spend most of their time sitting down at a desk for long hours and also those who engage in activities such as kicking and sprinting.

Your Knees can bend forward and lift because of a group of muscles known as hip flexors. However, sitting for long hours causes these muscles not to stretch, and such a shortened position is the major cause of this problem.

Hip flexors include the thigh muscles and the inner thigh muscles. Sitting for an extended period can cause these muscles to become tight, and the pain starts slowly before it becomes worse.

The Dangers Of Hip Flexors Pain

Hip flexors pain may not seem like a major issue for most people. That is because this particular pain is not severe at first and does not have any visible symptoms. However, as the pain continues to persist more issues that to arise. Hip flexors pain can cause hip pain and even lower back pain. Furthermore, it can also result in hip or back injury that can take weeks or even months to treat.

How To Treat And Prevent Hip Flexors Pain

These skeletal muscles play an important role when moving your legs. They allow you to flex your hip joint and flex your trunk as well. They also assist the legs to move back and front and also to move sideways. Furthermore, these particular muscles also allow you to pull both your knees upward and downwards as well.

Hip flexors pain occurs when these muscles are stretched beyond their intended limits or when shortened for long hours. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to sit or kick for you to experience this issue. Hip flexors pain can also be triggered by other activity such as sudden falling or slipping or even running for any reason.

Luckily, treating this pain is easy and fast, and the good news is that you do not need any medication for the pain. The best way to treat this pain and prevent it from happening is by engaging in stretching exercises. This kind of activity can keep the muscles stretched as they should and prevent them from becoming tight. By engaging in such exercise, you will not only be preventing the pain, but you will also reduce the chances of feeling discomfort and also the risk of getting an injury.

Stretching Exercises For Hip Flexors Pain

Stretching exercises can help you strengthen your hip flexors muscles. These stretches involve contractive of your muscles and stretching as well. However, it is advisable that you identify the muscles that are experiencing pain so that you can apply the appropriate stretching exercise that will heal these muscles. Here are a few of stretching exercises that are known to help with hip flexors pain.

1. Seated Butterfly

This is a simple stretch exercise that helps the inner things as well as the lower back and the hips. Breathe deeply when doing this to allow your knees to relax. Moreover, do not stretch to the point of feeling pain, allow the muscles to relax and stretch slowly.

2. Skater Squats

A skater squat stretching is an excellent routine for strengthening your hip flexors muscles. Furthermore, this particular exercise can be done anywhere at any time. Stand upright with your hands clasped in the front. Inhale while squatting down and maintain the chest lifted while keeping your back straight at the same time. Exhale when pushing up or when standing and repeat the same step while lifting the legs to the side.

3. Pendulum

The pendulum is a simple and yet effective exercise for strengthening the core as well as the hips. However, it is advisable that you start this routine with small movements since it can be difficult for beginners. Place your arm in a T position both on the sides while lying down. Put your legs straight up and attach your feet together after that, try to lower your legs slowly but make sure that they do not touch the ground and lift them up again. As you become stronger, continue to lower your feet much closer to the ground and repeat for a few reps to strengthen the hip flexors muscles.

4. Runners Lunges

This particular routing is excellent for preventing hip flexors pain because it targets multiple muscles of the lower body section. The routine is easy, and all you need is a free space where you can be able to lift your knees. What you are required to do is stand with your legs apart and your hands placed on your hips. Take a step backward with one of your legs while keeping the upper body straight. Repeat this action with the other legs and try to bend your knees when taking a backward step. Do this every day to prevent hip flexors pain.


Hip flexors pain can be treated by performing these simple stretching exercises. Furthermore, you do not need a training expert or a coach to assist you since some of these routines are easy to apply even for the first time.

If you are looking for more info about hip flexor strain stretches and exercises then you can also take a quick look at the video below…

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