Natural Treatments For Bowed Legs

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Treatments For Bowed Legs


Bow legs is a condition where one or both of the legs bow outward at the knees. In simple words, the legs are not straight when one stands up. This condition is fairly typical among the children but this deformity can also extend into later years in case it is not treated on time.

However, this does not mean that adults are not affected by this condition. There are many adults who were not treated during childhood for this condition and therefore, they still suffer from this condition. In the case of adults, surgery may be needed to treat this condition permanently.

With that said, in most of the cases, this condition can be effectively treated with some natural home practices. It is important to keep in mind that it is a normal stage of development for children under the age of three. However, treatment may be required if this condition persists and does not resolve naturally. If your child has bow legs, it is important that you wait and watch till your child is three years old.

In most of the cases, bow legs will fix themselves. You should monitor your child and check whether the bow in their legs is diminishing or not. You should get in touch with your doctor in case you find that there is some irregularity in their gait when they start walking.

As far as the causes of this condition are concerned, it may be due to fractures in the bone that do not heal properly, abnormal development, lead poisoning, fluoride poisoning, vitamins D deficiency and some other factors. Thankfully, the symptoms of this condition are easy to notice. If the knees do not touch when a person stands with the feet together, that person suffers from bowed legs.

As far as treating this condition at home is concerned, it is extremely important if that you consult your doctor before starting any treatment plan. There are a number of natural remedies that can help you in treating this condition at home but bowed legs may also be sign of a more progressive disorder. In most of the cases, this condition can be effectively treated with proper exercising and stretching along with some nutritional supplements but you should definitely get the opinion of the doctor before starting any home-based treatment plan.

One of the best ways to treat this condition in a natural manner is to exercise on a regular basis. Many experts agree that performing exercises that build muscles in the legs is one of the most effective ways to treat this condition. Similarly, exercises that strengthen the muscles surrounding the upper thighs as well as knees also help in treating this condition.

It is important that you choose exercises that strengthen the muscles in your legs and perform these exercises on a regular basis to treat this condition. You can also try out a variety of other exercise techniques such as Pilates for more effective treatment. There are a number of free as well as paid resources available online that can help you in choosing the right exercises for treating this condition.

Another effective way to treat this condition is stretching. Stretching not only improves the posture of your knees but also the rest of the body. Yoga has also been found to be helpful in lengthening the muscles in the body. Some yoga poses also help in strengthening the core of the muscles. Stretching also helps in realigning the skeletal and muscular system that provides better support for the body. There are a number of resources available online that can help you in choosing the right yoga poses for treating this condition.

As mentioned above, vitamin D deficiency can also result in bowed legs. For instance, deficiency in Vitamin D may lead to rickets disease which can also cause bowed legs to develop. Therefore, you should pay attention to the levels of vitamin D. You should get it tested to ensure that this is the cause of the bowed legs and not something else.

It is easy to increase the level of vitamin D. Your body synthesizes the required amount of vitamin D if you stand outside in the sun for around 20 min. Similarly, there are a number of supplements available that can help you in increasing the level of vitamin daily body. In addition to the above, physiotherapy sessions can also help you in getting rid of bowed legs.

You shouldn’t panic in case your young child develops bowed legs. However, treatment may be required if a child older than three years of age has bowed legs. As far as treatment is concerned, you may use the above mentioned treatments to straighten the knees. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before you start with the above-mentioned treatment plans to ensure that this condition is not a precursor of some other disorder…

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