Prime Potence Review – Is This ED Supplement For You?

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Prime Potence

Important update: We received mixed reviews about the Prime Potence supplement from our blog readers, and we will no longer recommend it (at least until we finish checking all the feedback we got).

In the meantime, we will recommend to check this supplement, which gets great feedback from our visitors and other websites online.

For your reference, below is our original review of Prime Potence…

What Exactly Is The Prime Potence?

Created by Jack Harris, a Colorado-based ethnobotanist, Prime Potence is a herbal supplement that contains four active ingredients found in the forest of the Amazon. These ingredients were designed to help correct erectile dysfunction (ED), increase libido, and improve sexual stamina in just a few weeks.

The Secret of the ‘Tupi’ Men

Jack says the quest for finding a non-pharmacological treatment for ED started because of Dave, his brother. Dave suffered from ED that threatened his marriage and mental health.

He got the help of Charles Abbott, a medical researcher and an ethnobotanist. Charles devoted his time studying rare and new plant species in the Amazon and immersing himself in remote tribes. He was the one who told Jack about the ‘Tupi’ men’s “sex brew,” which contains the Marapuama or Muirapuama plant.

About the Marapuama Leaves

Consuming Marapuama for a certain period may help men who are impotent and have poor sexual drive. According to one major study Jack mentioned, men who consumed it for two weeks experienced a significant frequency in their sexual activity (65%), sustained erections (55%), and increased sexual drive (85%).

Here’s how this plant works:

The Marapuama leaves contain a chemical compound called Ptychopetalum olacoides, which can increase the production of the brain chemical messenger dopamine. When dopamine is low, that’s when men experience erectile dysfunction.

When a man’s aroused, his brain sends “arousal signals” to the dorsal penile nerve. This in turn increases blood flow to his sexual organ, causing an erection. Low levels of dopamine prevent your brain from sending these arousal signals.

The Prime Potence Supplement

The Prime Potence supplement is Jack’s solution to erectile dysfunction. It contains four primary ingredients, one of which is the Marapuama. The other three are:

▪ Avuk Willku
▪ Caramuru
▪ Chinese Barrenwort leaf

Your order of Prime Potence comes with two bonuses. These are:

1. How to Become an Unforgettable Lover – In this report, Jack will give you techniques on how to increase your stamina and effortlessly satisfy her desires.
2. The Ultimate Stamina Playbook – Do you always blow it too soon? If yes, this report is for you. You’ll learn how to last an extra 5 or even 15 minutes in bed…


The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Comes with Complementary Bonuses

We love the fact that people will receive two useful eBooks with their order. Between the two, we find the Ultimate Stamina Playbook the most interesting. Who wouldn’t want to know how to last 5 to 15 minutes longer in bed? Almost no none.

Potentially Effective Ingredients

There are many medical articles and preliminary studies on the role of the Marapuama plant and other herbs in restoring normal erectile function. It’s good to know that scientists have looked into the efficacy and safeness of this plant.

For Men of Almost All Ages

Whether you’re in your forties or seventies, you can take the Prime Potence supplement for your erectile dysfunction. Although it’s still not known if this would be effective and safe for guys who are under 18 years of age.

A Possible Alternative to Risky ED Drugs

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers ED drugs as “safe.” However, studies show that this isn’t entirely true. One study has shown that Viagra is associated with a minimum of 1,824 deaths mainly due to heart attacks.

We’re not saying the ingredients used in this supplement don’t have side effects. However, so far, the main ingredients haven’t been associated with serious side effects.

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

Jack Harris says it may take about 60 days for the supplement to produce significant results. This means that 180 days is more than enough time to test the effectiveness of the Prime Potence without risking your money.


The Cons


The Price For One Bottle Is Expensive

One bottle of the Prime Potence supplement costs $69, which is more expensive than similar products on the market. If you buy more (3 bottles or 6 bottles), the price will go down. Since you need to take it for at least 2 months, you might want to get more than one bottle to save money.

Weigh the Benefits and Risks

As we all know, not everything that’s marketed as natural is free from risks and negative effects. For instance, Chinese Barrenwort could cause rapid heartbeat, nausea, hyperactive thyroid gland, and mood changes (e.g., aggressiveness and quick temper). While little is known about its long-term safety, Marapuama might cause insomnia or other sleep problems.

Reminder: Don’t take more than what’s recommended in a day, which is two capsules.

Not Sold Anywhere

The original Prime Potence ED pills are only available for purchase through the official website. Be wary of offline shops or sellers carrying this product.


The Bottom Line

So, is the Prime Potence supplement worth a try?

It depends.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, from diabetes to heart disease, clogged blood vessels, and high blood pressure. Once you treat or control your illness, you might experience significant improvements down there.

Now, if your erectile dysfunction is due to dopamine levels, the Prime Potence might be able to help.

It uses medicinal plants that have the potential to increase your dopamine levels to get rid of impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation, and low sexual stamina. According to, some people use Marapuama as an aphrodisiac and a preventive treatment for sexual disorders.

Overall, if you don’t want to use potentially dangerous drugs for erectile dysfunction, if you want to have the same powerful and long-lasting erections as the ‘Tupi’ men of the Amazon, or if you’re simply tired of being a failure in bed all the time, then the Prime Potence is a great option for you to consider.

Anyway, since it comes with 180-day money back guarantee, you can always get your back money back if you’re not blown away with the results…

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