Angela Byrne’s Power Of Hormones Review – Can It Help You?

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The Power Of HormonesWhat Exactly Is The Power of Hormones?

Created by Angela Byrne (Ange), a women’s health researcher, former sufferer of hormone imbalance, and author, the Power of Hormones is a comprehensive program that aims to improve the health and wellness of women who are experiencing hormone imbalances.

For this program, Ange Byrne took a holistic approach. She explains that the main goal of her program is to help women to pinpoint the root cause of their hormone imbalance and treat it.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

The Power of Hormones: Your Guide to Optimal Hormone Health

As what the title hints, this will walk you through the process of identifying the symptoms and root cause of your hormonal imbalance, analyzing the results of your hormone test, and creating your own treatment plan.


This complements the text version of the main guide. With this available, you can listen to the program just about anywhere you wish.

Support Workbook

This is to make sure you get the best possible results. Use this to easily monitor your health improvements and successes.

Eating for Hormone Health

In this book, experts will teach you how to make simple tweaks to your diet to support hormone health. Recipes are also included.

The Bloat Banishing Solution

Do you always feel bloated? This book has tips on how you can get rid of bloating for good.

Double Your Energy

One of the symptoms of hormone imbalance is fatigue. In this book, you’ll learn how to fight fatigue and boost your energy.

On top of these, your order of the Power of Hormones package also includes these extra features:

Detailed instructions for identifying the hormone(s) that’s below the optimal level.
A list of synthetic meds and alternative treatments for hormone problems.
Exercises that will support hormone health.
Types of foods that are better at supporting your hormones.
Tips for keeping your adrenal glands healthy to boost your energy.
A closer look at the thyroid glands and autoimmune disease.
Strategies to overcome hormone-related sleep problems.
Continuous support and guidance for women going through hormonal changes due to different reasons, such as menopause.
Tips on how you can restore your hair and skin health.
How to balance your estrogen and testosterone hormones.
How to achieve emotional well-being.
How to restore mental clarity and focus, and a lot more…

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Angela Byrne Seems Legit

We all know there are a lot of pseudo-doctors and so-called health gurus out there, whether in the real world or online. That’s why it’s important to know who’s behind a health and wellness program, such as this one.

Like we always do, we tried looking for information about Ange Byrne. We found out that she was born in New Zealand and grew up in different countries (Africa, Libya, and Malawi).

She’s a graduate of the University of Canterbury. She studied psychology there. It was after taking a sabbatical that she decided to study about women’s hormone health.

Based on our research, Angela Byrne seems like someone you can fully trust.

It Takes a Holistic Approach

The Power of Hormones program takes into consideration all aspects of a woman’s life. It takes care of the physical and mental symptoms that are associated with imbalanced hormone levels. What’s more, Angela teaches you how to identify the cause and keep the symptoms under control.

It’s Suitable for Most Women

The Power of Hormones by Angela Byrne is not just for women who have hormone-related health problems. Even those who are perfectly healthy can take advantage of Angela’s tips and strategies for maintaining or restoring hormone health. Just go through the entire program and pick the information that you think will benefit you.

There are Multiple Package Options

This is another thing we really liked about The Power of Hormones. You have three packages to choose from to fit your needs: the digital version only, the physical version only, and a combination of the two.

Note: You’re responsible of any charges associated with sending this program to you.

It Empowers You

The more you know, the more confident you are to take charge of your health. It can be hard when you’re experiencing all kinds of symptoms (fatigue, dizziness, moodiness, etc.) without knowing the cause and how to treat it.
The Power of Hormones book will definitely help you achieve this goal.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Angela offers a standard 60-day refund guarantee for her Power of Hormones package. This means you can go through her program without worrying you won’t get your money back – if you’re not 100-percent impressed by it.


The Cons


It’s Not a Cure for Hormone-Related Illnesses

Don’t use this program as a substitute for any medical treatment. If your symptoms are caused by a hormonal disorder, such as diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and an underactive or overactive thyroid, consult your doctor to receive the correct treatment.

Ange Byrne is Not a Doctor

She’s a psychologist, but she’s not a medical doctor. However, this does not mean that her program is not full of useful information with regards to hormonal disorders and their treatment.

The Physical Version is Expensive

If you don’t have a lot of money to spare, we suggest you choose the digital version. But if you really consider everything – the benefits, the amount of information you’ll get, and all the tools – the complete Power of Hormones package is really a good investment.


The Bottom Line

The Power of Hormones program seems to be well organized and packed with useful strategies for overcoming hormonal imbalances. The testimonials posted on the website look legit, and we can’t find the pictures of the customers on other websites, particularly from stock image websites. This is a very good indicator that all of them are from real customers.

With that said, don’t forget that hormonal imbalances are not always due to diseases or disorders. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, stress, and other non-medical factors could cause your hormones to fluctuate. If you’ve been struggling with symptoms that you think are related to your hormones, we suggest you speak with your doctor before resorting to alternative medicine.

To sum it up: if you’re already diagnosed with a hormonal problem and need a supplement to your treatment plan, or if you want to bring back your body into balance without resorting to meds, then we believe that the Power of Hormones is a great option for you.

Moreover, considering the full money-back guarantee that Angela Byrne offers, we believe you have nothing to lose when giving her Power of Hormones program a try…

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