Richard Parker’s Keravita Pro Supplement Review [2024]

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Keravita ProWhat Exactly Is Keravita Pro?

Created by Richard Parker, a medical researcher, Keravita Pro is a dietary supplement that includes a special blend of 26 natural ingredients that contain anti-fungal properties. All you need to do is take two pills a day for a minimum of 30 days.

For this anti-fungal supplement, Richard Parker worked together with retired microbiologist Dr. Walter Mills to develop the Keravita Pro. This product was inspired by astronauts and Vietnamese rice farmers, who they say don’t get any form of fungal skin infection even though their feet and hands are immersed in water for long periods of time everyday.

The Keravita Pro supplement works in 9 stages:

Stage 1: The 26 carefully selected ingredients are absorbed by your body, so they can do what they’re supposed to do.

Stage 2: Once absorbed by your body, these ingredients will weaken and flush out the fungus (singular form of fungi), which has accumulated on the wall of your blood vessels.

Stage 3: There are three key ingredients for this blood purification stage: curcumin, garlic, and Cat’s Claw. These ingredients will help dissolve the harmful fungus or fungi in your blood.

Stage 4: Lycopene and quercetin will restore your skin’s health and youthful appearance from the inside out. Lycopene makes the skin firm and defend it against some of the environmental factors of skin aging. Quercetin reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system.

Stage 5: At this stage, the ingredients (pomegranate and olive leaf extracts) target the fungus that’s infecting your hands and/or feet.

Stage 6: Selenium, graviola (or soursop), and pine bark make sure there’s no fungus left in your body.

Stage 7: This time it’s your lungs that will benefit from the healing properties of these ingredients by acting as an anti-fungal filter.

Stage 8: The star ingredients for this stage are green tea and Panax ginseng extract, which improve your body’s ability to fight off potentially harmful fungus or toxins.

Stage 9: This last stage will eliminate any lingering fungus toxins through your sweat and feces.

Your order of Keravita Pro also comes with two bonuses, free of charge. They are:

1. “Doctor’s Essential Home Remedies” – This report contains a lot of information about home remedies that alternative and medical doctors find effective in treating common illnesses. For instance, there’s an unusual fruit that’s supposed to treat type 2 diabetes in less than two weeks.

2. “1 Day Self-Purifier” – You only need to use this once per month. This detox works in two phases:

▪ The first phase gets rid of all the harmful toxins and heavy metals from your body.
▪ The second phase will provide your body with nourishing and healing nutrients.

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Scientifically Researched Ingredients

Most of the ingredients found in the Keravita Pro have already been scientifically studied. A simple online search will confirm this.

For instance, the result of one study suggests that curcumin is more effective than fluconazole, an antifungal medicine, when it comes to neutralizing Candida species, which are the most common cause of fungal urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Meanwhile, garlic contains a biologically active component known as allicin, which is produced when you chop or crush a garlic. This compound is responsible for its antifungal and antibacterial activities.

Benefits Healthy People, Too

You don’t have to be sick to benefit from the Keravita Pro. You can take it anytime to prevent opportunistic fungus or fungi from wreaking havoc in your body and to improve your overall health.

Fits Different Budgets

Richard offers three packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Try one bottle first to see how your body will respond to the ingredients. Once you’re sure it’s safe and effective, you can buy in bulk to save money.

Includes Helpful Reports

As they say, information is power. That’s why it’s great that Keravita Pro comes with two reports for free. Both reports are packed with useful information, and we found the “1 Day Self-Purifier” to be very helpful.

Plenty of Time to Test It

It’s difficult to part with your hard-earned money to buy a supplement that you’re not sure will work. That’s why Richard Parker allows you to put the Keravita Pro to the test for sixty days. If it doesn’t improve your condition, you can email his customer service team to get every penny you spent.


The Cons


Possible Side Effects

It’s not to say this supplement is harmful. However, like with any other medical drug and dietary supplement, it may cause some side effects.

May Not Always Work

Each person’s case is unique. If you caught the infection early on, this supplement may have a more powerful effect within a few days. However, severe cases of fungal infections may not always respond positively to this supplement.

Not Available in Physical Stores

You can only get the Keravita Pro online. It seems the company also ships to customers outside the US, which is good, but they don’t guarantee you’ll receive your order by a given date.


The Bottom Line

Treatment of fungal infection will depend on the severity of the infection, type of opportunistic fungus, and the part of the body that’s affected. While there are effective medicinal drugs for this type of infection, A few controlled clinical trials suggest that herbal medicines, such as Keravita Pro, have the potential to treat fungal infections as well.

What we liked about this supplement is that it seems Richard Parker and Dr. Mills made sure that they only used ingredients that have been proven by science to help with fungus-related illnesses. We also appreciate the bonus reports that they added, which provide real value.

Overall, if standard treatments for fungal infection aren’t working for you, if you’ve already exhausted all of your medical treatment options, or if you simply want to reduce your chances of catching superficial or systemic fungal infection, the Keravita Pro is a great option for you.

Moreover, with the 60-day money-back guarantee that Richard Parker offers, we don’t think you have something to lose here…

Well, that’s it for our Keravita Pro review. We hope you find this information helpful, and wish you only the best 🙂

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