Skin Whitening Forever Review – A Real Natural Solution?

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Skin Whitening Forever


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In this post we will review the Skin Whitening Forever program by Eden Diaz.

To make everything more simple for you we will break down this post into two sections:

1. A short section that contains basic information about the Skin Whitening Forever guide.

2. A complete review that will cover the Skin Whitening Forever system in details and present you with all the details which we feel you should know about Eden Diaz’s skin whitening solution…

Basic Information

Product’s Name: Skin Whitening Forever

Creator: Eden Diaz

Release Date: 2009 (first edition)

Learning Format: Downloadable guides

Refund Policy: Complete refund policy for 8 weeks

Official Site:


Full Review

1. The Key Details

The best way to think of “Skin Whitening Forever” is as an easy to follow manual that shows you how to lighten your skin and eliminate dark spots at home using only natural treatments.

Developed by a researcher named Eden Diaz who specializes in alternative medicine, the guide offers safe and effective remedies that are based on all-natural ingredients.

According to Eden Diaz, the medications that are currently available on the market for skin whitening are often priced too high for the average person to afford them. After all, most people don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on specialized skin care products.

She explains that this is exactly why the Skin Whitening Forever system was developed – to provide a cost-effective way to naturally lighten the skin without spending a fortune in the process.

As promised, many of the natural remedies described in the Skin Whitening Forever book are much cheaper than the high-cost products that you can buy over the counter, and Eden Diaz claims that freckles, scars, age spots and underarm discoloration are all can be tackled with the remedies contained within her book…


2. An In-Depth Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


Valuable Information

The Skin Whitening Forever manual not only provides precise directions on how to make skin whitening creams at home, but also includes other helpful information. For instance, parts of the guide are dedicated to preventative measures that you can take to keep your skin from becoming discolored in the first place. This includes eating a healthy diet along with making other lifestyle changes that can help your skin look at its best.

All-Natural Approach

Every recipe or treatment method outlined in the Skin Whitening Forever book is guaranteed to be completely natural. That means that you don’t have to rely on pills or medicated creams to get results.

Not only that, but the majority of the ingredients used in the book are easy to find and can be purchased for very little money.

Designed For Long-Term Results

Unlike many other skin whitening products, Eden Diaz’s Skin Whitening Forever guide was designed to deliver results that will last. The methods described inside the guide aren’t just “quick fixes” that temporarily hide the problem, but instead, they address it head on and help lighten your skin for good.

Support Via Email Is Available In Case You Have Questions

You don’t have to be worried about being left high and dry if you have questions after the purchase, since support is available through email. You can usually get a response from Eden Diaz and her support team within 48 hours or so of sending your email inquiry.

Additional Bonuses Are Included

Along with the main Skin Whitening Forever guide, you also get a number of additional eBooks as free bonuses. Not all of these bonuses are winners, but there are a few that are definitely worthwhile.

You Can Get Your Money Back If You Are Not Satisfied

Another important thing to know is that if you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, you can get your money back for up to 60 days. That means that if you don’t like the guide itself or if the methods inside didn’t work for you, you can get your money back from Eden Diaz with no questions asked…


The Main Cons


Not Very Comprehensive

The Skin Whitening Forever book is shorter than many other natural health guides that we have reviewed in the past, coming in at just 70 pages.

Takes Time To See Results

You should understand that it can take time before you will see results from the Skin Whitening Forever program. If you are expecting an overnight fix, you are going to be disappointed big time.

The Guide Can Only Be Purchased Online

You can only purchase the Skin Whitening Forever guide online and in digital eBook format. That means you can’t just head down to your local bookstore to buy a hard-copy of it.

Extra Investment For The Ingredients May Be Required

Keep in mind that you also need to purchase ingredients to make the creams that are listed in the Skin Whitening Forever guide. That is an additional expense that you will need to factor in along with the price of the book itself…


3. Our Verdict

Final Scores
  • Amount of Content - 7/10
  • Quality Of Content - 8.5/10
  • User Friendliness - 9/10
  • Bonus items - 7.5/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10
  • Overall Value For Money - 8.5/10

Overall, “Skin Whitening Forever” is a decent manual that offers interesting solution for people who try to lighten their skin naturally, and this guide by Eden Diaz gets the average rating of 7.9/10 from us.

While this guide is not exactly comprehensive and some of the bonuses that come with it are pretty useless, it still offers easy to follow directions and useful advice that can help almost anyone understand how to make their own natural skin whitening creams at home without spending lots of money when doing so.

The thing we really like about the Skin Whitening Forever guide is that it is not only provides step-by-step directions on how to make your skin whitening creams at home, but it also shares other helpful information that can help you make your skin look very healthy and keep it from becoming discolored in the first place.

In addition, the all-natural approach and the fact that the methods shared inside the guide were designed for long-term results are other important advantages that many users of the Skin Whitening Forever program will appreciate.

All in all, if you try to learn how to whiten your skin naturally and without spending tons of money on expensive skin whitening products, then the Skin Whitening Forever guide may be a great choice for you.

It is not perfect, but considering its current special reduced price and the 8 weeks refund guarantee that Eden Diaz provides with it, this can be a very good option to consider before spending tons of money on very expensive products that may not help you at all…

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