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Diet For Gout



Gout is caused by various factors such as medical conditions and being exposed to unhealthy lifestyle, but the primary cause of this condition is eating unhealthy diet. Eating foods that have a high level of purine can easy cause gout or make the condition worse if you are already a victim of this condition.

However, there are certain ways that you can use to overcome this problem. You can choose to use over the counter medicine, which will help your body decrease the amount of uric acid found in the blood or find the best diet for gout, which will reduce the risks of being affected by this condition.

What Is Gout?

According to health specialist, gout is considered to be a form of arthritis that attacks the joints of the body. It causes swelling and sometimes an acute pain to the affected areas. Furthermore, the condition mostly affects the fingers and the big toes. Moreover, if the condition is not treated at an early stage, it can spread to other areas of the body such as the wrists, knees, ankles and elbows.

Signs And Symptoms Of Gout

Signs and symptoms of gout can be detected at an early stage. The most primary symptoms that are easily identified are abnormal swelling in the joints, red tender joints and also increase of heat in the affected areas as well. The affected areas may also become more unbearable when covered with sheets because as the heat increases the pain becomes worse.

If the problem persists for a longer period, it can lead to further complications or even cause other severe health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney diseases and heart diseases as well. These health conditions are caused by hyperuricemia, which is a state of increased uric acid levels.

How To Treat Gout

There are certain ways used to treat this condition. You can either choose use over the counter medication or use natural treatment, which is more convenient. However, before you begin to use any of the drugs. It is necessary that you determine the cause of your gout problem so that you can apply the right medication.

If you gout is caused by a medical condition, then you should consider seeking advice from a health specialist and prescribe medication that will help your body fight off this ailment. However, if the primary cause of this illness is eating unhealthy foods, then you should avoid eating foods that are rich is purines. By avoiding such foods, the amount of uric acid will decrease with time and allow the body to heal.

Examples of foods that are known to have a high amount of purines are organ meat such as sweetbreads, kidneys and liver. Other types of foods that are known to increase the amount of uric acid in your body are bacon, pork, beef and lamb as well. Apart of organ meats and game meats, gravy and beer are also known to cause an increase of purines in the body.

Best Diet For Gout

Those who are suffering from this condition need to eat foods that have small amount of purine. This will help maintain the percentage of uric acid that is present in the blood and prevent it from rising. Below are certain foods that are healthy for those who are suffering from this condition.

Seeds And Nuts

Most health specialist and nutritionists recommend seeds and nuts to those who are suffering from gout because they have low purine. You can add seeds and nuts to your daily diet to decrease the amount of purine in the body. A good example of seeds and nuts are almonds, cashew nuts, flaxseeds and walnuts. Make sure you add at least two tablespoons of any of these seeds or nuts.

Daily Foods

Daily foods include products such as milk, yogurt and even cheese. These products are not only healthy for a gout victim, but they also have the ability to lower the risks of being affected with gout. However, make sure that the daily product you consume has low fat in order to decrease the level of purine.


Eggs are healthy because they are less percentage of purines. However, it is also advisable that you limit the amount of eggs you eat because they may increase your cholesterol level. That means make user that you do not eat the eggs for more than three weeks. Also, you should not eat more than two eggs a day.


Apart from eggs, dairy products and seeds, other foods that have been confirmed to be a good diet for gout are fruits, water, white bread and noodles. Vegetables are also healthy for a gout victim, but there are some that have a high content of purine such spinach, asparagus and mushrooms.

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