How Weight Lifting Workouts Can Help In Bodybuilding?

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weight lifting workouts
If you want to build up your body you need to something more than just the lifting of heavy weights. There are a number of aspects of weight lifting that each need to be given the right importance if you want to have a body that you will be proud of and others will admire. Besides finding the best weight lifting workouts you also need to have the right amount of nutrition, do daily cardio workouts to keep your body supple, drink a lot of water and remain properly hydrated and have enough rest on the days that you do not exercise.

Everybody has a constitution that is different from the next person, and there can be no general formula that will work for everybody. You have to find what you are comfortable with and the workouts and routines and other things that suit your particular constitution. Even so, there are certain things that need to be part of the routine of every bodybuilder, which must never be neglected. For instance, warming up before you start any workout is very essential, as it will get your muscles stretched and ready to take on the greater strains that will be placed on them during the workouts. Do some light stretching, run on the treadmill for five minutes and then again do some stretching exercises. This will get your blood flowing, and help to prevent any injuries from overtaxed muscles during your workouts.

Decide on the muscle groups that you want to exercise on that particular day, and once you have done your stretching exercises do ten repetitions of the lifting exercise that you have decided on at 50 percent of the final weight that you are at. For constant bodybuilding and maintaining muscles, it is essential that targets are continuously increased, as once the body gets used to a particular strain placed by the weights you are lifting, the muscles do not get any additional benefit. Muscle building starts when overstretched muscles have some small tears in them, due to the strain, and the repair work on the tissues is enabled by building more muscle tissue, and hence the body building.

Your next set of exercises must increase the weight to sixty percent and reduce the reps to six. Continue increasing the weight and reducing the reps till you reach the weight you are now at. Do these in three steps. Different muscle groups must be exercised on different days, so work on day one on your shoulders, chest and triceps, day three the biceps and the back, day five the legs and abs. Days two, four, six and seven are meant for rest, so that the stretched and strained muscles have the time to repair themselves. As you are working out each muscle group only once a week, this gives them enough time to not only repair, but also to add to the tissue of new muscle, so essential for body building.

Never over train, but do ensure that you work to exhaustion on each of the days. Do this by constantly increasing the weights you are going to lift, or increase the reps. You will know you are exhausted, when your muscles do not have the strength to continue lifting. Movements must always be steady as any jerky movements can result in injuries, which may be a setback to your daily workouts. There must be between four and seven sets to every exercise routine, which need to be limited to 4 or 6 every day. Exercise should not take you more than an hour and a constant watch needs to be kept on your progress and increasing weights. Ensure that you rest between sets for about a minute or two. Increase the rest periods if you feel the need to, but ensure that they are not too long, and the body cools down.

Proper nutrition and hydration are very important aspects of bodybuilding which can never be ignored. Water must be taken during workouts as even the slightest dehydration can lead to a loss of performance. Your nutrition must contain high glycemic carbohydrates so that your body always has the required energy for the workouts. Fruits before a workout and some form of protein during workouts can be huge assets to bodybuilding. Take some nutrition immediately after workouts also and ensure that you are always consuming a lot of calories during the day. Proteins are a must and food with fats must be avoided.

Use the bench press and barbells for chest shoulder and triceps, deadlifts and barbell curls for back and biceps, and squats, leg curls and abdominal crunches for legs and abs. This will give all the muscle groups in your body the right workouts for bodybuilding. Do the exercises that suit you, and do not try to imitate or copy what others are doing…

We hope that these Weight Lifting workouts and tips will help you. For some other great examples of effective weight training exercises check the video below…

All the best!

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