Zenith Hearing X3 Review – Is This Formula Effective?

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Zenith Hearing X3


Zenith Hearing X3What Exactly Is Zenith Hearing X3?

Created by Dr. Ryan Shelton, the chief medical director of the Zenith Labs,

The Zenith Hearing X3 is a dietary supplement

that uses 15 herbs and minerals that have the following benefits:


Keep the hair cells in your ears healthy for better hearing and balance control.

Dilate your blood vessels to improve blood flow to your inner ear and allow your body to get rid of toxins, which cause age-related hearing loss.

Promotes regrowth of the inner protective layer of your blood vessels, giving more nourishment to your cochlea (auditory inner ear), a hollow and snail shell-like structure in the inner ear that converts vibrations into nerve impulses, which are then delivered to the brain.

Reduces inflammation.

And many more…

Dr. Ryan Shelton explains that as you grow older, your body stops producing certain nutrients and minerals that could help your ears heal from the damage caused by loud noises. That’s why many people usually start to experience hearing problems when they reach the age of 40.

He revealed that the main causes of hearing decline are noise (above 85 decibels) and toxins. To get rid of these toxins from your body, you need to take certain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that can boost your immune system (protects your body from infection-causing foreign substances).

So, what are these herbs, minerals, and vitamins that help protect and repair your cochlea and ear’s hair cells from damage?

1. Gingko Biloba Leaf Powder

Why it’s included: It’ll help your body get rid of harmful toxins and enhance blood flow by dilating blood vessels to keep your cochlea and hair cells healthy, as well as prevent progressive hearing loss.

2. Resveratrol

Why it’s included: It helps decrease COX-2 inhibitors that play a key role in inflammation, which in turn could wreak havoc in your ears.

3. Gotu kola (Aerial Part)

Why it’s included: The result of an Italian study has shown that it can improve blood flow in the smallest blood vessels (capillaries).

Other ingredients inside each bottle of the Zenith Hearing X3:

Retinol (vitamin A)
Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)
L-5-MTHF (the biologically active form of folic acid)
N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Zinc citrate
Astragalus root powder
Chrysanthemum leaf powder
Acetyl-l-carnitine (ALC)
Alpha lipoic acid

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Zenith Hearing X3 Reviews


The Pros and Cons of Zenith Hearing X3


The Pros


Scientifically Evaluated Ingredients

It seems that Zenith Labs carefully selected the ingredients to make sure you get only the best. Most of these ingredients were already scientifically evaluated for their role in preventing or improving hearing loss and cognitive decline.

The result of one study from the Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit) has shown that resveratrol has a protective effect against noise-induced hearing loss by preventing the formation of COX-2, an enzyme that’s mainly responsible for body inflammation.

In a small, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers gave either 120 mg of gingko extract (twice per day) or 12 mg of the herb (twice per day) to 106 people with sudden hearing loss. After the 8-week study, results showed that the participants were able to recover after taking just a low-dose of gingko biloba.

A Good Alternative Solution to Hearing Loss

If you have or are planning to get a hearing aid, your head must’ve ached when you saw how much it costs. According to the President’s Council for Science & Technology, a hearing aid can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $3,500 per piece.

Implanting a hearing device is even more expensive. You can expect to spend a whopping $30,000 to $100,000 on everything, including the surgery.

Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, exploring non-invasive, natural therapies might be a possible option.

May Help Improve Your Daily Interactions

It’s really hard to do your daily tasks if you can’t hear well. Not to mention, it’s embarrassing to keep asking people to repeat what they’ve said because you weren’t able to catch it the first time. Or, the second, third, and fourth time. You might even make crucial mistakes because of poor hearing.

Less Than a Dollar for Better Hearing

We think spending less than a dollar per capsule of The Zenith Hearing X3 is a good deal. Just think about the potential benefits of this supplement for your hearing and ear health.

It Comes with a Guarantee

Zenith Labs gives you the freedom to test The Zenith Hearing X3 for six months. In our opinion, that’s more than enough time to see if it really helps protect you from age-related or noise-induced hearing loss. If you’re not impressed with the results, it’s comforting to know that you can always get back every dollar you spent on this product.


The Cons


Have Potential Negative Effects

Although generally well tolerated, some of the Hearing X3 ingredients can still cause negative effects.

For example, COQ10 could cause poor appetite, loose stools, nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. Oral supplementation of Gingko biloba could cause headache, dizziness, constipation, and loose stools, among others.

Not a Cure for Hearing and Ear Diseases

These herbs, minerals, and vitamins are beneficial, but they have their limitations. Don’t use them as a medicine. If your hearing loss is due to other reasons, not related to old age, seek your doctor’s advice and stick to the treatment plan.

No Free Shipping

At least if you buy only one or three bottles. If you buy six bottles, there is no need to pay for the shipping.

Zenith Hearing X3


The Bottom Line

In general, there are many ways you could do to protect yourself from hearing loss due to old age and loud, repetitive noises. The most obvious is to avoid or limit your time around loud noise. Supplements could also help, but they should be used under the guidance of a qualified health care professional.

Regarding Zenith Hearing X3, while we believe that many people can benefit from it, it is also important to remember that it doesn’t cure all types of hearing loss, especially if it’s caused by an ear deformity or diseases, such as autoimmune inner ear disease and meningitis.

In other words, if you expect significant results overnight, if your hearing loss is caused by a disease or birth defect, or if you’re allergic to many herbs, vitamins, or minerals, then The Zenith Hearing X3 might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a supplement with top-notch ingredients, if you want to protect yourself from age-related / noise-induced hearing loss, or if a hearing aid or surgery is not a possible option for whatever reason, then the Hearing X3 supplement by Zenith Labs is a good option to consider.

Best of all, testing the effectiveness of this supplement without any financial risk is very easy thanks to to the six-month money back guarantee that the manufacturer currently offers…

Well, we sincerely hope that our Zenith Hearing X3 reviews was helpful for you.

We wish you the best 😊

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Zenith Hearing X3

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