John Rowley’s Eat The Fat Off System Review – Is It For You?

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Eat The Fat OffWhat Exactly Is The Eat The Fat Off?

Created by John Rowley, a former fat guy, speaker, author, fitness expert, and contributor for Martha Stewart and Fox News, “Eat The Fat Off” is a fat loss program that was designed to help you lose weight within 21 days by eating certain types of food that could increase the amount of your “thinning enzyme.” As a result, John Rowley claims you could lose anywhere between 10 and 50 pounds.

The “thinning enzyme” that John is talking about is called Lipase-P, which was present in the foods that the people of Ancient Greece ate. Now, after 2,800 years, scientists were able to isolate this enzyme and harness its ability to cause weight loss.

Lipase-P is a highly potent enzyme that your pancreas produces. But, your pancreas only produces it if you eat certain types of foods. These Lipase-P-boosting foods cause rapid weight loss by breaking down the fat stored in your body and transform it into energy that you can readily use.

Other benefits this enzyme has include:

Promote a healthy digestive system.

Slow down the aging process going inside your body cells.

Make your skin look and feel younger by promoting better absorption of the nutrients from the foods you eat.

Lowers your risk for heart disease and abnormally high blood sugar levels.

The reality is the typical American diet doesn’t stimulate the pancreas to produce a lot of Lipase-P. That’s why most Americans struggle to lose weight. This is where the Eat The Fat Off becomes helpful.

This diet plan is divided into two phases.

Phase 1 (12 days, 1 hour): During this time, you’ll follow an eating plan called the ketone-modifier diet to elevate your Lipase-P levels. This isn’t the same as the ketogenic diet because it includes gut-healing foods.

Phase 2: You’ll eat delicious foods that will restore your hormones and “thinning enzyme” levels. You’ll also experience other positive effects, such as appetite control, controlled blood sugar levels, suppressed food cravings, improved heart functions, and so on.

What you’ll get with the Eat The Fat Off system:

Weight Loss Handbook
Grocery Guide
Meal Plan
Cheat Meals Guide

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Created by Someone with the Knowledge and Experience

John Rowley, the “America’s Lifestyle Strategist,” has a long list of credentials. Just last year, 2018, he was appointed as the Chairman of North and South Carolina by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) Physique America.

What’s really impressive about John is at his age he has managed to remain physically fit.

Won’t Eat Up Your Time (No Pun Intended)

You only need about two hours to go through all the resource materials and an hour to put it into action (depending on what phase you’re already in the Eat The Fat Off program).
Also, you won’t really spend a lot of time thinking about what to do because John Rowley already gave everything you need to implement this guide: meal plan, handbook, grocery guide, and so on.

Doesn’t Feel Like You’re Being Punished

Most types of diets put a lot of restrictions that make it difficult for most people to stick to them. They don’t only feel overwhelming and unrealistic, but they also affect a person’s health and ability to keep off the weight in the long term.

With the Eat The Fat Off, you’ll just replace the things you usually eat with delicious and healthy alternatives. Plus, John will teach you the best way to enjoy your cheat days without compromising your weight loss efforts.

Useful and Actionable Information

There are no fluff statements or confusing instructions. John Rowley goes directly to the point and provides actionable and quality information, so you can immediately and safely put this weight loss guide to the test.

Backed by His Money Guarantee

You have two months to try the Eat The Fat Off system. If you don’t get the results you want, you’re free to email John or ClickBank (the retailer of this product) to get a full refund.


The Cons


Not Everyone will Benefit from It

Other than what John Rowley mentioned on the website (not wanting to change faulty habits, starving oneself, and old age), the Eat The Fat Off program might not be a good choice for people with certain medical conditions that require a special type of diet. In this kind of cases, it’s best to consult a doctor or nutritionist before trying this one.

Diet Alone May Not Be Enough

Changing your food habits and choices doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose weight. Adding any physical activity (trapeze class, dance, sports, exercise, etc.) allows you to burn more calories than dieting alone.

Digital Copy Only

The Eat The Fat Off guide is available for purchase only in a digital format (PDF). However, if you want, you could always print everything yourself.


The Bottom Line

Shedding the extra pounds and keeping them off for good can be difficult. And in most cases, your diet plays a big part in determining your success or failure in losing weight.

So, is the Eat The Fat Off system worth checking out?

Well, we must admit that the concept behind this diet is very interesting. It’s the first time we heard about the Lipase-P, which does exist.

But, the main reason we’re so confident that this could help people lose weight is its creator, John Rowley. Based on what we found out, we could say he’s the real deal. Just by looking at his buff body, we could conclude that he must be doing something right.

Of course, the Eat The Fat Off program has some downsides as mentioned before, and if you refuse to change your faulty eating habits and lifestyle, this diet plan would just be useless.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a diet plan that doesn’t feel restricting, if you’re struggling to lose weight for a long time, or if you simply want to safely and effectively lose weight without dangerous pills, then the Eat The Fat Off system is a great option for you.

Moreover, considering the limited time discounted price and the 60-day money-back guarantee that John Rowley offers, we don’t think you have something to lose here…

Well, that’s it for this Eat The Fat Off review. We hope you have found this post helpful, and we wish you only the best 😊

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