What Are The Best Workouts to Get Ripped Fast?

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workouts To Get Ripped Fast

If you want to get that ripped and lean look, then you will need to get both your diet and exercise in check. A lot of people ask “what are the best workouts to get ripped fast?” but what they don’t realize is that working out is just one part of the equation. To get ripped, you need muscle and a low body fat percentage. Diet can reduce your body fat percentage, but it is working out that will build the muscle.

Ripped Vs Skinny Fat

Many people are afraid to bulk because they don’t want to get fat – but if you just diet, without working out, you will end up losing both fat and muscle, making you “skinny fat”. This is not desirable for a beach physique.

If you have never worked out before, you should probably start with a simple routine such as Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. This routine will help you to get a good base of strength. It focuses on the compound lifts – the squat, bench press and deadlift. Once you have a good base in those, you will be able to progress to other lifting programs, or potentially even bodyweight fitness, depending on your goals.

Do not laugh at the idea of bodyweight workouts – pullups, muscle ups, pushups, piston squats, the planche and other similar movements are all very important for building functional strength and exercise muscles that you would not otherwise do a lot of work with.

If you want to look great shirtless, then you need to exercise more than just your biceps. Your back, core muscles, pecs and shoulders all get a lot of work when you are doing bodyweight exercises. Training at a moderate rep range and doing as much work as you can, with exercises as advanced as you can get them, will help you to get a balanced, symmetrical physique.

To get ripped, however, you will need to eat at a calorie deficit while doing these workouts. Try not to do too much cardio, or to take the deficit too low. Doing cardio will encourage your body to burn muscle for energy, which you do not want, and too great of a calorie deficit can be dangerous too. Ideally, you should set the deficit at 250 calories per day and engage in regular resistance training to encourage your body to hold on to as much muscle mass as possible.

Once you have got your diet in check, you can begin the long hard road to getting ripped. For most people, the “ripped” appearance does not start until sub 10 percent body fat, eight percent is sustainable for a few days and you may be able to manage an even lower figure for a photo shoot or a special occurrence, but in general hovering around nine or ten percent is easier for day to day life.

If you want to look really ripped and you are slightly above ten percent, you may be able to create the illusion of a lower body fat percentage with water manipulation, but it will take a lot of care and discipline. Drink lots of water and cut back on sodium for a little while, and then exercise or use a sauna to flush out the water weight the day before you want to look your best, then sip on water until you are ready to rehydrate. Do not do this too often though it is simply a way to cut water weight in the short term, and make yourself look more lean and vascular – but you are not really losing fat.

For other tips and workouts that can help you to get ripped fast please check the video below by Mike Chang.

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