The Effects Of Green Tea & Tai Chi To Improve Bone Health

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Green Tea And Tai Chi To Improve Bone Health
Contrary to popular belief, various medical conditions related to bone deterioration are not exclusive to the elderly population. In fact, current research has shown that medical conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis can be found among younger adults as well. It was considered that the reason for having difficulty standing up straight, which was generally seen among older individuals; however, due to younger individuals sitting in positions of poor posture for hours has led to the development of poor bone health within this generation. Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of this medical problem and do not receive treatment.

This article will provide information on what osteoporosis is and how to can be effectively treated.

What Is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a life-long medical condition that removes bone away from the body and causes fracturing of the spine, hip, wrists and legs. The effects of this bone deterioration condition can be highly detrimental to both older and younger individuals in the global population and can lead to disability or death. Surveys have noted that approximately 60% of females and 20% of males will endure the effects of an osteoporosis-based bone fracture.

It is common that individuals will mistake the signs of osteoporosis with arthritis and will often wait until they are experiencing swollen joints before being assessed. Unfortunately, a late diagnosis of both osteoporosis and arthritis can negatively affect the treatment of your medical condition; therefore, it is essential that you learn about both the symptoms of these bone deterioration difficulties and how to prevent them.

How Can I Treat Osteoporosis?

Luckily there are numerous organic and pharmacological means of treating osteoporosis. One of the most popular organic methods is the regular drinking of different teas, including ginger tea and green tea. Ginger tea and green tea have been known to provide a relieving effect to painful joints and if taken regularly can reduce the presentation of prostaglandin production in the body. Prostaglandin is a hormone with the body that causes sensations of pain and inflammation.

Another organic method to treat osteoporosis is by establishing a health exercise routine; however, it is important that one tailor the exercise routine to benefit bone health. One of the most recommended types of exercise to partake in is swimming. This will not only improve joint mobility, but it will also strengthen muscles. Further exercise routines that will improve health are through meditation and Tai Chi. These are highly effective as they include a reduction in stress, an increase in flexibility using low-strength exercise and improvement of blood circulation and joint lubrication.

It is also recommended that one maintain a healthy and balanced diet in order to reduce joint swelling and pain. Research has indicated that one of the most effective dietary treatments is a low carbohydrate diet including a greater amount of whole grains, fruits and leafy green vegetables. It is also advised that individuals with osteoporosis include organic teas in the diet and remove traditional teas. The presentation of caffeine in a diet can contribute to poor bone health and joint inflammation. It is also recommended that you include spice within the diet as spices have anti-inflammatory properties.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, osteoporosis and arthritis are highly detrimental medical conditions affecting one’s bone health; however, there are various methods that can be used to prevent pain of joint inflammation and delay the process of bone deterioration as explained above….

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