5 Great Tips For Getting A Lean Belly

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Tips For Getting A Lean BellyHaving a flat tummy is something that a lot of people aim for, but those crunches and diets may not be working for you. A lean belly is not something that you have to spend hours every day trying to achieve. There are actually a number of simple and easy ways that you can sculpt your core and flatten your belly. These methods of getting a lean belly do not take a lot of time and could be easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Catch Up With Friends On The Move

Most people will look at catching up with their friends over drinks and a meal. You should look at something a bit different which will help you workout and get all the latest news from your friends. Suggesting a walk and talk session is a great way to incorporate catching up with exercise. Additionally, you are less likely to count how far you have been walking when you are talking with your friends.

This is something that you should consider if you have any friends who are looking for a lean belly as well. Having an exercise buddy will make it easier to exercise and you will generally be less likely to skip exercise if you have someone with you. If walking is not your favorite form of exercise, you could meet up with your friends at the gym as well.

Make Time For Cardio Exercises

A study by Duke University found that aerobic exercise is the most effective when it comes to burning deep belly fat. The study found that aerobic training will actually burn 67% more calories when compared to resistance training. Taking the time to look at cardio exercise is important because they are the basis of aerobic exercise.

One of the benefits of looking at cardio exercises is that you will also be working on other parts of your body. Aerobic exercises will generally work the core as well as the legs and arms, giving you a full workout. This is one of the reasons why you burn so many calories with this.

Clean Your Home

A lot of people do not realize that cleaning your home can actually help you achieve the lean belly that you want. Vacuuming your home is actually a great workout for your abs. When you push the vacuum back and forth, you need to tighten your stomach muscles to get the most out of this. If you do not have a vacuum, you can do the same with a broom or a mop.

Eat More Fiber

A lot of people turn to diets that cut calories when they want to lose belly fat. A better idea would be to increase the amount of fiber that you get. For every 10 grams of fiber you have each day, your belly will carry approximately 4% less fat. The problem is that most people associate more fiber with having to each bran flakes, but there are other options.

To get the 10 grams of fiber that you want, you will need to eat 2 apples which have a bonus of being part of your 5 a day. You can also eat 2 cups of broccoli or an artichoke. If you like beans, half a cup of pinto beans will also give you the fiber that you need.

Go First At Restaurants

A lot of people will wait for their friends and family to order at a restaurant before them. While this might be a polite thing to do, you should actually try ordering first if you want to lose belly fat. A recent study has shown that people are more likely to mimic the eating habits of people who order before them. If your friend is ordering something that is not very healthy, you might want to try this as well. However, if you order first, you do not have the chance to mimic their orders and you could even influence them to try a healthier diet.

There are many tips that you need to consider when you look at getting a lean belly. Crunches and diets are not always the best option as cleaning your home and increasing your fiber intake could help more.

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