Hair Loss Protocol Review – Does Jared Gates’ Plan Work?

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Hair Loss ProtocolHello there and welcome!

On this post we’re going to review the Hair Loss Protocol program by Jared Gates.

To make everything more simple for you we will divide this post into two parts:

1. A short section that contains basic information about the Hair Loss Protocol.

2. An in-depth review that will cover the Hair Loss Protocol in details and provides you with all the details that we believe you need to know about Jared Gates’ program…

Basic Information

Product’s Name: Hair Loss Protocol (A.K.A “The Rebuild Hair Program”)

Creator: Jared Gates

Release Date: 2014

Learning Format: Downloadable guide

Refund Policy: Full money back guarantee for 8 weeks

Official Website:


Full Review

1. The Key Details

The best way to describe the Hair Loss Protocol is as a step-by-step guide that provides a detailed nutrition plan for those people who want to regrow their hair naturally without any risky or expensive treatment.

The creator of this program, Jared Gates, who is a former hair loss sufferer, explains that like many other people who suffer from hair loss he has tried a number of treatment options, such as Rogaine and Propecia, but found all of them to be associated with side effects and temporary results. He also didn’t want to spend thousands on a hair transplant and that is why he searched for a natural method to restore his hair.

According to Mr. Gates he paid a visit to his doctor and that is where he found out the DHT plays a major role in hair loss. In simple words, DHT is a steroid and it is said to increase as people get older, which can lead to hair loss by actually “killing” the hair.

Gates said that after this visit he started a comprehensive research on DHT and found that 5-alpha-reductase (5AR) is the main thing responsible for DHT’s production. Due to this fact, Jared explains that many experts believe that in order for hair loss to be reversed, the 5AR needs to be stopped.

This is actually where the Hair Loss Protocol comes in. When you purchase this program you’ll find a number of things that may help eliminate excess DHT, as well as 5AR in your system. Some of these things include certain types of minerals, vitamins, foods, as well as herbs.

Jared Gates explains that his guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to combine the above, and will also show you how those things are friendly for your hair. You’ll also get exact directions on the daily portions so you will know what you should take and how much you should take every day.

More specifically, when purchasing the Hair Loss Protocol program you will receive the main guide, the daily portions and combinations instructions, and a list of foods, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to fight 5AR…


2. An In-Depth Look At The Pros And Cons


The Main Pros


1. Offers Several Benefits – One of the best things about the Hair Loss Protocol is that it offers a number of benefits, asides from hair loss reversal. The program may also support prostate health, and this is due to the items that are included within the guide. Renewed energy and overall good health are also some of the benefits that the program can provide you.

2. It’s Affordable – It is no secret that many hair loss treatments can cost lots of money these days. However, the Hair Loss Protocol is not one of them and this product comes at a one-time low price. In addition, the items Jared Gates recommended inside the guide are quite affordable too.

3. The Chances For Side Effects Are Low – Some hair loss treatments come with a number of side effects, such as a faster heart rate, possible weight gain, skin redness and many more. The Hair Loss Protocol is considered to be safe, as it contains components that are all-natural, and most chances are people will not have to worry about serious side effects when following this program.

4. It’s Easy To Understand – The program may be based on scientific research, but the concept of it is pretty easy to understand. The average person should find this guide easy to follow, as it was written in simple and clear language.

5. Full Refund If You Are Not Happy – When you purchase the Hair Loss Protocol your investment is protected. The reason why is because you can get a refund if you’re not happy with the results of the program or the information Jared Gates shares inside his guide. In matter of fact, you can claim a refund within two months of purchasing the Hair Loss Protocol with no questions asked…


The Main Cons


1. This Is Not A Magic Cure So Keep Your Expectations Realistic – According to Jared Gates, by following his “Rebuild Hair Program” some people may end up seeing results within a month, but don’t expect to see a bunch of hair growing back within this period.

You could see some improvements, but if you do, then they will likely be minor. In other words, one of the major cons is that it may take at least few months before you see significant results with this program.

2. Reactions May Be Different For Different People – Some of the components of the program may work extremely well for some people, but not so well for others. Always remember that different people may have different reactions, and the results can vary from one person to another person, especially when we talk about all-natural treatment.

3. It Comes Only In PDF Format – Some people are not fans of eBooks and if you’re one of them then you might find it a little difficult to get used to the program, at least at first. This is because the program is available only as an eBook, and a hard-copy printed edition is not available for purchase yet…


3. Our Verdict

Final Scores
  • Amount of Content - 8.5/10
  • Quality Of Content - 9.5/10
  • User Friendliness - 9.5/10
  • Customer Support - 8/10
  • Overall Value For Money - 9.5/10

Overall, the Hair Loss Protocol by Jared Gates offers many great advantages for people who suffer from hair loss and this program gets an average rating of 9.1/10 from us. While this program is not a “magic pill” and it can absolutely take some time to see significant results when following the methods Jared Gates describes inside his guide, we personally believe that this program is worth the try.

What we really like about the Hair Loss Protocol program is that it is based on all natural approach and the chances for any side effects are much lower compared to other solutions for hair loss on the market.

In addition, the facts that the Hair Loss Protocol offers several additional health benefits, that it is affordable, and that it’s easy to understand everything Jared Gates explains inside the guide, are all great things that we believe many people will find very important to them.

All in all, if you are looking for a safe, natural, affordable and long-term solution for hair loss, then the Hair Loss Protocol program may be a great choice for you.

While nothing is “guaranteed” when it comes to hair loss issues, the 60-day money back guarantee that Jared Gates provides actually makes his natural system completely risk-free to try. This is the main reason why we personally think that it can be a smart idea to try this program first before spending your hard-earned money on expensive treatments that usually don’t work and don’t come with any money back guarantee either…


Comments (26)

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  1. Mr Onah says:

    I am Mr Ona, I am importuned to have come across your Natural Hair Loss protocol of Mr Jared Gates , I am keenly interested in purchasing the Protocol for my own use and being a promoter of the protocol here in Nigeria – West Africa.
    Unfortunately my country Nigeria is not included in the Online purchase menu and I passionately need your assistance in this regards.

    I understands it is sold for USD36,000 and I am prepared sending payment via western union money transfer, since I can not purchase it online with my VISA card from Nigeria

    Your timely response will; be greatly appreciated


    Mr Ona

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Mr Ona
      We will recommend you to contact Clickbank (the company that sells the Hair Loss Protocol guide) regarding this issue and to ask them if it is possible.
      We hope that it helps

  2. James Tay (Mr.) says:

    Dear Sir,

    On the payment page, I am asked to furnish my credit card details for payment and I am also asked for the email address.

    Nowhere am I advised how the program will be made available to me.

    Is it an e-book that I am paying for online?

    The most important part of the program ( in fact you only need to provide
    those essential two or three sheets that tells u what to buy and eat )
    is merely the “secret” as to what constitutes this potpourri of ingredients?

    Please reply ASAP.

    Btw, are u the official website? Your price is cheaper. What gives?

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi James and thanks for the comment. The Hair Loss Protocol is available right now only in eBook format. We are not the official site of the product, we only reviewed it here. Our links on this page go to the discounted offer which the author provide for a limited time on the official Hair Loss Protocol site… We hope that it helps you 🙂

  3. patson says:

    hie just wanted to know if the dht inhibitors Mr gates talk about in his diet plan are universal, like can I find them here in Africa. Currently I am in Algeria. just wanted to know…

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Patson. Most of the ingredients inside the Hair Loss Protocol can be found in different countries around the world. However, unfortunately, we can’t say for sure if you will find them in the place you are living. It may be a good idea to send an email to their customer support on the official site for specific question like this one… We hope that it helps

  4. swati says:

    Hi Team,

    I am from India and not able to purchase the book as the pays throws an error saying “1 error occurred, please contact your financial institution”. Please do reach out to me in case of any concerns as i am really ken on buyin this book.


    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Swati

      We are sorry to hear about your problem with purchasing the Hair Loss Protocol guide, but there is nothing that we can do about it. You should contact the clickbank support team and they will be able to help you… We hope that it helps

  5. Vase says:

    i think u should do something about people in living in Nigeria who may b interested in getting this….

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Vase and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can’t help you because we are not the ones who sell this product. As we explained before this is only a review of the Hair Loss Protocol, so if you need to get help regarding payment options available for your country you should contact the Clickbank support team and ask them if you can pay for this product in alternative way… We hope that it helps

  6. anonymous says:

    Lebanon is not listeted among the countries that the book can be delivered to. Why?

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      There are some countries that ClickBank, the retailer that handles the payments of the Hair Loss Protocol, don’t work with due to different reasons. We guess that your country is one of them… However you can contact ClickBank and to see if they have other payment solutions for you. All the best and good luck!

  7. Josh says:

    I’m guessing this is not an independent review site, but actually Mr. Jared’s as it appears he or someone working with/for him is replying to comments. Is this accurate?

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Josh and thanks for your comment. This is an independent review that we made after reading the Hair Loss Protocol guide and doing our research online. You can read more about our reviews and articles at the about us section and the legal pages on the right side of the main menu if you feel you need more information about our website. We hope that it helps!

  8. rahul says:

    Does this thing actually work? Now ,please do not reply it varies from person to person!

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Rahul, from the feedback we get it seems that the program does produce at least some kind of results for most people who follow it for several weeks. However, as we explained in our review, there is no 100% success rate here. There are simply too many different factors that can affect the results… We hope that it helps

  9. pujan says:

    where can i get this book in india?

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Pujan, the Hair Loss Protocol guide comes in eBook format so you can order it online, no matter if you live in India or other country around the world… We hope that it helps 🙂

  10. Ernest says:

    i can pay using paypal? yes?

  11. Ernest says:

    thanks for all the reply,
    it’s really a shame, i contacted clickbank about alternative pay method, but no help was renderd…. it made me wonder, can i contact Jared?

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Ernest, you can try to contact Jared Gates and his support team via their official Hair Loss Protocol site here:

      We hope that it helps

  12. Shahrzad says:

    I wanna have your book but I can’t buy it because i’m from Iran and there is no access to this book , would you please find the solution to help me.

    Thank you

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hey Shahrzad, we will recommend you to contact their support team and ask them about alternative payment options for your country… We hope that they will be able to provide a solution for you 🙂

  13. Jason says:

    Hi. Is there any way i can pay via paypal?

    • The Diet Talk Team says:

      Hi Jason, we are not sure. You should contact their support team via the official website in order to get an answer to this question. Regards

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