All About Diet For Kidney Disease

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diet for Kidney Disease
There is a great need to maintain a diet that is friendly to your kidney when you have developed chronic kidney complications. For you to stay healthy, you will have to check out for what you eat and drink. The special diet is for people who have kidney complications but are not on dialysis.

Nutrition needs vary from person to person due to body, size and height differences. There are also different stages of a kidney disease and other health factors that may make the needs differ. You should consult with a renal dietician who will help you with coming up with a diet that will meet most of your needs.

Diet for kidney disease is very important as what you eat affects our health directly. If you eat a balanced diet that is low on salt you will have little trouble controlling your blood pressure. If you are suffering from diabetes you will need to check your diet as it will affect your blood sugar levels. General eating healthy will reduce the amount of impurities that will accumulate in the body.

There are basics that are included in any kind of diet, including the diet for kidney disease. The basics include: proteins, fat, calories, carbohydrates, portion and nutritional facts. All this factors are incorporated in formulating a kidney-friendly diet.

1. Calories

The body get essential energy from the calories we get from food we take. You can get calories from carbohydrates, protein and fat. Calories amounts that everybody needs depends on the level of activities one is involved in.
Your dietician should help you come with a diet plan that will ensure you get enough calories. There people who will need calories and others will need more. You should work closely with your dietician for follow up and support.

2. Proteins

Proteins are called body building foods. Your body cannot grow or heal without enough proteins. Having little protein can make your skin, nails and hair to be weak. Also too much proteins can be a problem too.

Doctors recommend that people who have developed kidney complications to change their source of proteins or reduce protein intake. A diet that has a lot of proteins may make the kidney work very hard hence straining the already damaged organs.

3. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are energy giving foods to the body. The only source of healthy carbohydrates is vegetables and fruits. There are unhealthy sources like sugar and candies that you should avoid.

Carbohydrate sources that have a high phosphorous or potassium content should be avoided depending on which stage you are on your kidney disease.

4. Fats

You need a little amount of fat in your diet for you to stay healthy. Fat is essential to the body as a source of energy and as an agent that helps the body utilize some vital vitamins. Too much fat will lead to weight gain and increase the risk of developing heart diseases.

You should take unsaturated fats – they can help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.

Even if you do not have a kidney complication, a balanced diet is very important in order to stay healthy, and this is why it is always recommended…

Stay safe everyone!

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