The Top 3 Exercises For Women Trying To Lose Weight

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Weight loss exercises for womenIn the efforts to lose excess body weight and keep it off there is no alternative than a healthy lifestyle. This includes not just a healthy approach to exercise, but to regular dietary and sleep habits as well.

It is the appropriate ratios of good food, good rest and vigorous exercises that form the foundation of a lifestyle that supports an ideal weight and proper physical condition. The most important thing to understand before we get into a discussion of the best exercises to lose body fat is that these three basic activities regulate a proper metabolism that burns fat rather than store it.

So, if you are feeling a little soggy around the edges and hope to address this by hitting the gym or taking on some physical condition, good for you. Just make sure your efforts are supported with a healthy diet that gives you the energy to perform and plenty of rest that will allow you to make vast improvements to your physical conditions.

Furthermore, it is important to measure your capacity for the tasks at hand. If you have spent a stint in inactivity you will want to begin your regime slowly and surely. You can’t expect to hit your goals by X date, but you can be sure to reach them if you stick to them.

So, the best way to begin is slowly and surely.

Following are three of the most effective exercise for losing weight that have brought untold millions to better health and a sexy aspect.

1. Walking

There is hardly a better way of staying in shape than using those legs for mobility as they were intended. You can also get a more personal feel for the area around your home or office. Walking is also a low impact activity that will not have long-lasting damage to the joints and ligaments.

Furthermore, there are no competitors, distractions or gym memberships required to get out into your corner the world and burn calories. You just need yourself and an interesting path you would like to chase.

Depending on the weight of the individual, you can burn as many as 8 calories walking at 5 MPH. So, how many calories would you like to burn today?

2. Cycling

Another great way to melt those unwanted pounds while enjoying the fresh air sights and sounds of your local area is cycling. This active sport can help you burn as many 1100 cal. In just an hour of exercise. The best thing is these results are adaptable to the user.

Unlike running that can be especially unforgiving on the joints, ankles, knees and shins and not best for everyone, cycling can be enjoyed by all and practiced no matter how out of shape they have become. This can help the aspiring health enthusiast to begin pressing their boundaries.

Soon, it won’t be a simple spin around the block, but a trek to the edge of the city and beyond, Do I hear the next Tour de France Champion?

Furthermore, if you don’t live too far from your work, a bike ride is the best way to get the blood circulating before a busy work day.

3. Swimming

Swimming is another way for people of all ages and health conditions to begin making their way to better health. Plus, there are so many options available; you can visit the local swimming pool, health club, lake, reservoir or the ocean itself. Swimming is not only low impact, but it exercises the arms, legs, core muscle groups and even the heart and lungs.

This is an especially good exercise for those who are having difficulty getting into their fitness routines. Swimming is little more than water play with a purpose. It is a great option for the obese, elderly, recovering as well as expecting mothers.

Swimming targets all the muscle groups and is also good for those recovering from accidents, injuries or even childbirth. And, don’t even worry about not knowing how to swim. Even if you are only going through knee deep water back and forth you are getting a good workout.

In Conclusion – in the end it will be determination and perseverance that are the real exercises to lose weight and keep it lost. By making a healthy commitment to yourself, you will see results in no time at all.

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