Top 5 Exercises To Get Perfect Abs

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exercises to get perfect abs
Getting perfect abs is thought of by many as being ‘impossible.’ The truth is, getting perfect abs is not impossible. In fact, it is very probable, as long as you implement effective steps into your daily health routine. You need to have the proper amount of dedication, perseverance, and motivation. In this article, we will talk about some of the top exercises you should implement in order to get perfect abs…

1. Crunches

One of the top ab exercises to get perfect abs that you can do for your midsection/core would have to be crunches. This exercise is time tested and is one of the most prominent exercises that is used by people trying to strengthen their core muscles for a reason – it works. You complete this exercise normally by laying down on a mat and slowly lifting your head up while keeping your pelvis against the mat. This makes you work your core in order to be able to effectively lift your head/upper body upwards.

2. Planking

Another excellent exercise to build the perfect set of abs is planking. This particular exercise is one of the best because it can effectively strengthen your core dramatically. It can also strengthen your stabilizer muscles which will effectively increase your posture and form when you are completing core exercises. This is only going to bring positive benefits and effects to your actual workouts. This is a great exercise that anyone should incorporate into their routine if you are looking to strengthen your core muscles.

3. Sit Up

The sit up is another classic that is very similar to the crunch. The difference between crunches and sit ups are that sit ups require you to lift your head/core/back off of the mat as far as possible. Whereas, a crunch simply requires you to lift your head/neck up. This exercise obviously requires more strength in your midsection to complete than a smaller ‘crunch.’ This is a good exercise to perform if you are working on developing your upper abs in particular.

4. Bicycle

Another effective exercise for strengthening your core muscles and generating good abs is the bicycle. You can either use a real bicycle or use a stationary bicycle to complete this exercise. In fact, you can even lay on the ground and kick up your feet outwards like you are riding a bike on the ground if you have no equipment. This is an extremely effective exercise that you are going to be able to use in order to strengthen your core and create rock hard abs. This is also great at burning stubborn belly fat which can reduce your abdominal exposure. Therefore, it can help create a better looking core/midsection.

5. Swimming

Believe it or not, but swimming is another one of the great exercises that you can do to develop rock hard abs. The reason why swimming is so effective is because you are going to have to utilize all of your essential core muscles in your body in order to do it effectively. This is why a lot of swimmers have excellent ab’s and core muscles. They tend to be extremely defined because they have minimal body fat and a very good and defined midsection.

As you can see, there are plenty of good exercises that you can complete in order to get perfect abs. It would be wise to utilize some of the exercises to get perfect abs that we have discussed in this article. You should be able to see results within a few weeks of completing the exercises listed above.

For even more exercises that can help you get perfect abs check the video below…

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