Effective Weight Loss Exercises for Women

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weight loss exercises for women
Exercising is an important aspect of living and staying healthy in both body and mind. Women need to exercise to ensure a complete body function and also stay in shape. Most weight loss exercises for women may not be enjoyable since some level of stress or pain is involved. However, one can never gain anything from exercises is they do not experience the pain. In short, something is lost for the body to benefit or gain.

Here are some effective weight loss exercises for women that will give them fast weight loss results:


Walking is a natural everyday activity whose benefits are commonly less appreciated or overlooked. Walking in itself is a form of exercise, a simple workout that does not need any equipment just a good pair of shoes. This low impact exercises is may not come across as a workout that will give speedy results, but it does. As is with most low impact exercises, walking should be done more often (every day) covering a few kilometer or times in terms of walking pace and time from start to finish. The results of doing these simple things can be evident in just under a week of walking around 4 hours a day, covering around 10 KMs a day.


Swimming is an activity that engages the use of every part of the body. Vigorous swimming session lasting around an hour can see a woman burn around 400 to 700 calories. Every form or technique used in swimming engages the use of more than two sets of group muscles in the body. Hence, women should learn more than just one form of swimming. Nevertheless, even the simple methods such as breaststroke or the dog paddle are enough exercise to see a woman shed some extra pounds fast.

Lifting Weights

This is one form of exercise that most women are never quick to consider, and with good reason. Lifting weight burns fat while also builds muscles. Hence, women need to engage in this form of exercise with some level of caution to ensure they achieve the desired body shape. Nevertheless, exercising will not be fully complete without lifting some weights. Even simple workout session in aerobic use light weights such as dumbbells to help burn not only calories, but also activate body muscles. A woman needs to add some bit of muscle in place of the extra fat shed, and lifting weights offer the best way of doing just that.


Another low-impact exercise that offers good weight loss results is cycling. Engaging in this exercise for just an hour can see one burn around 300 to 1000 calories. Walking and cycling are ideal workouts especially since they need not professional training, and one can just start off on them without doing any warm up. In fact, they double up as a good way to warm up when about to engage in other vigorous exercises. A woman can cycle to her job and back, or when going to the grocery shop.

Jogging or Running

This is a common choice of exercise for men and women. Jogging or running help to get the heart running, blood flowing and builds strong bones, joints, and connective tissue. Running can be a daily thing that takes a short session of 30mins. It can be a quick lap around the neighborhood. A good choice is combining the two, starting with 15mins session of jogging, then amping up the tempo with a 15mins session of running.

Cardio or Aerobics

While most forms of aerobics, which are cardio exercises, target the bums, hips, and legs. However, the activities or forms of exercises applied in the cardio exercises get the heart rate up, blood flowing and can even engage other parts of the body such as the hands and shoulders. Aerobics is a good option for weight loss exercises for women who seek to have an evenly shaped and toned body. They do not push for building extra muscles but active the use of the muscles thus keeping her fit and healthy.

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