Weight Training Tips And Advice For Women

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women's weight training tips
Women have different goals when they consider fitness and body composition, and this can vary depending on whether they want to look like beauty queen contestants, female body builders or just someone who is fit and athletic. Fat levels will be the highest in beauty queen contestants and the least in the bodybuilder. In the case of muscle mass, it is the bodybuilder who will have the most. The average woman will not worry about building muscles, but will always like to have a body that is lithe, well-endowed and fit.

They are the ones who will look at the benefits of weight training and its effect on fitness. While exercising, of which weight training can be a substantial part, it is just as important the women realize that diet plays a very important part in being fit and staying fit. Once this is completely understood, it becomes easier to go in for minimal training programs that can encourage fitness.

Genetics can play a part in how a woman’s body responds to diet and exercise, and that is why it is important for a proper analysis of the body type and its suitability to any weight training program. Women cannot shape the bone structure they have been born with, but it is possible to shape muscles, so that the body looks significantly different. It is necessary to decide on the areas from which the body fat has to be reduced, and the muscle groups, that if developed will give the body the desired shape.

It is always best if you choose any weight training regime that is most suitable for you. There are different types of exercises which can suit different people, and a good trainer in a gym will know the right ones that should be undertaken are. Exercising to get a good physique is one that requires time and you must be aware of the weight training that is the best for you. Start weight training with lighter weights with more number of repetitions. This will help to tone the muscles, while heavier weights and with fewer reps can add to bulk. Decide on what it is you want, though most women prefer toned bodies rather than muscle bulk. Heart rates must go up when you exercise and the higher rate of calories being used will make you fit.

Weight training can help to speed up metabolism and this in turn will increase the expenditure of calories and lead to weight and fat loss. There was a time when women were discouraged from training with weights as this was felt, would increase bulk. But it has been now realized that some amount of weight training can do wonders for fitness and help complement any cardio routines.

Weight training is a good form of exercise for women, because it helps to increase bone density, and this can be of enormous help in combating osteoporosis that women have to combat, as they grow old. Weight training has also been seen to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Weight training does increase muscle mass, and this does lead to a higher metabolic rate, which in turn can help in the burning of calories and weight control. Resistance training with weights has been proved to be very beneficial for women.

Women have lesser testosterone levels than men and this prevents bodies from adding to muscle bulk, after weight training. See that you use proper techniques and follow the instructions given to you by your trainer, and there is no reason why weight lifting cannot be a part of your daily exercise routine…

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