How To Use Your Diet To Improve Eyesight

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diet to improve eyesight
You may have heard that carrots and some orange colored vegetables and fruits can help improve your vision and improve your overall eye health. This is true, these fruits have Beta-carotene that has the orange color. It is a special kind of vitamin A and it makes the retina and other parts of the eye function more smoothly.

You should also know that, healthy eating is beyond taking carrots. They may have a well-known connection to eyes, but they are not the only foods you should take. There are some more minerals and vitamins that they do not contain. It is wise to have them in your regular diet though.
Protecting your own eyes start with what you eat. Studies and research has shown that there are some foods that can actually improve your eye sight and help you reduce the effects that come with old age. The leading cause of eye problem is macular degeneration. This is the leading cause of blindness among most people.

Eyes get damaged when the cells around the macula gets destroyed. You will find that you will not be able to differentiate between colors and you may have problems focusing. You will start experiencing problems with reading and you will find that it will be difficult to drive. This is a condition that can only cause partial blindness but not total blindness.

Studies that have been done show that eyes contain a nutrient called lutein. Lutein is a special nutrient that protects the macula from forming pigments. It also helps with vision by filtering harmful blue-light wavelengths – they are harmful to the eye. The more lutein you have, the healthier you are. The eyes will be at a lesser risk of developing ARMD.

You should eat more vegetables as they contain lutein. The body cannot produce it naturally – you have to get it from what you eat. Your diet should contain more of green and leafy vegetables- spinach, kale and broccoli. There was a study that showed eating leafy vegetables and a tiny hint of fats could boost your lutein level by 90%.

You have to take vegetables that are rich in lutein for you to note the difference. If you are bored of continuously taking these vegetables, you can invest in vitamin supplements that is rich in lutein. You can find them at your local stores. However, you should go for a supplement that is safe and approved by FDA.

You should eat carrots more. They have a special ingredient that the liver turns into vitamin A. vitamin A protects the eye by absorbing the excess light that may enter the eye. If you have more vitamin A, your eyes will be protected from damage that could be caused by excess light. If you have low levels of vitamin A, your eyes might appear dry.

If you are looking for good sources of carotene you can try: mangoes, carrots and cabbage. It is also found in eggs, milk and cod liver oil. Also blueberries are also known to boost night vision.

We hope that this post was helpful for you in order to understand how you can use your diet to improve eyesight naturally.

All the best!

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