Exercises To Burn Fat On Hips Quickly

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Exercises To Burn Fat On Hips
Human hips and thighs do store a lot of fats and this is a common case especially with women. If you want to lose these fats, you will have to adopt some diet or do some exercises that will help you do so. There are a few exercises that will help you lose these fats easily but first it is important to understand what may cause this condition.

Well, there are a number of reasons that may cause excessive fats on your hips and thighs. Women with high hormone levels tend to have a problem with the cellulite fat. This hormone directs fats to your thighs and hips and also they interfere with the connecting tissues. Estrogen hormone softens connecting tissues hence weakening them. Also poor blood circulation may cause fats accumulation in hips.

To burn fats on your hips, you will need to adopt a series of exercises. There is an exercise called Standing Side Kick. It targets glutes and the outer hips. While doing this exercise, you should make sure that your inner thighs are parallel to the ground. You should place your feet apart and your hands on your hips. You should then extend your right leg towards the side of your hips in three big counts. You should repeat this 15 times before switching sides.

You can do cardiovascular exercise for around 5 days in a week. There a few good options: circuit training, you may need to join a circuit gym or hire a personal trainer who will work you through the cardio burn classes. This exercise use a technique that involves 1-3 minutes of intensive exercise then it is followed by a 2 minutes rest.

You should also take up swimming or running sports. During this time, you should time your own performance during this swimming or running intervals. You should start with a 5 minute warm up run then take a rest. For every four minute interval you should break into a sprint that will last for a minute or more.

You cannot burn hip fat effectively without having to reduce overall body fat as well. This means that you should not concentrate on strengthening exercises only. If you want to burn that fat quickly you should have exercise for at least an hour for at least five days every week. You should also make it a habit to walk regularly.

Beside your circuit training exercises, you should also exercise your hips every day. You should do this exercise almost every day to strengthen your thighs connecting tissues. It is a fact that if you have strong connecting tissues you will less cellulite. This will make your hips look a bit thinner and they have more tone.

You should do more squats. These kinds of exercises will strengthen your pillar muscles, butt, thighs and the stomach muscles. You should start with your feet apart and place your arms in a praying position. Your body weight should be on your heels. Then you should then sit down as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. When your thighs are parallel to the floor you should stop at this position.

You should do lunges. This is a type of exercise that involves you to step forward with one foot and one of your knees bent. You should step forward enough to allow your knee to bend enough. Your front knee should not bend over your toes. You should repeat this exercise 10-20 times before you change sides.

You should also do planks. This is the same position as that of a push up. In a plank you should stay static for around 15-60 seconds. You should do this twice with increasing time. Plank exercises are very vital when it comes to core and hip strengths. It is recommended that you do these exercises when you are parallel to the mirror.

If you are frustrated with the excessive fats that have accumulated on your hips and thighs, you should try the above mentioned exercises to help burn the fats. Exercises that are done daily will help you restore your hormones to the normal level. Besides exercising, you should also adopt a diet that will ensure you intake less calories than you burn.

For 3 more demonstrations of useful exercises to burn fat on hips you can also check the video below.

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