How To Reduce Knee Pain Successfully

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How To Reduce Knee PainDo you suffer from knee pain? This is something that tends to get worse as you get older. Unfortunately, many people may injure their knee while doing weightlifting, running, or simply doing their job at work. Once this begins to get worse, you may find it difficult to even move around. You may not be able to bend at all.

If walking has become a problem because of your knees, before it gets out of control, you might want to consider doing things to reduce any further problems. If you have continuing or ongoing knee pain, here are a few tips that you can use to reduce the pain you are feeling every day.

Take Anti-Inflammatory Products

Most of the ones that you can get at the local store are going to be good enough to help with this problem. You will want to take products like Aleve or Advil, those that are designed to reduce inflammation. Part of the reason that you experience pain in your nieces that your joints are becoming inflamed. The reason that they do this is that the soft tissue inside of the knee has worn down significantly, leaving you with nothing but bone-on-bone. Therefore, anti-inflammatory drugs will make it easier for you to deal with the pain you are feeling.

Wear A Knee Brace

Wearing a knee brace on one or both knees is something that can also help. If you are doing a lot of bending, running, or even walking, this can be very beneficial. You can strain the muscles and ligaments associated with the function of the knee, and by providing this extra support, they will not be strained during these activities.

Start Losing Weight

One of the key reasons that people will suddenly have a substantial amount of pain in their knees is that they have abruptly gained a lot of weight. Of course, this may take a few weeks for them to add on 10 or 15 pounds, but once it is there, your knees are going to have extra weight to support. With each step that you take, the added pounds will add strain to your knees, and that’s why losing weight can be so helpful. In fact, if you are overweight now, if you can lose up to 20 pounds in the next few weeks, you may even see your knee pain completely vanished.

Do Muscle Building Exercises

There are certain muscles that are in association to your knees that can be very helpful in reducing knee pain. Specifically, there are muscles that are on the back and front of your thighs that, if strengthened, can help reduce knee pain dramatically. This would include the quadriceps and hamstrings, and you can build these up by doing different exercises such as a bridge, wall slides, or short arc quads. These will take a few weeks to build up, but once they are stronger, your knees will feel much better.

Stop Wearing High Heels

Although this technically only applies to people that wear high heels, if you do, you need to stop wearing them as much. In fact, if you can wear flats, you may as well wear those, at least for a couple of weeks until your knees have completely stopped aching. You may be in a line of work that does require high heels, and if so, you might want to take a leave of absence. If it all possible, stop wearing them for at least two or three weeks, after which you should see a lot of your pain dissipate.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to reduce overall pain in your knees. You could also take certain supplements that can help people that suffer with osteoarthritis. This would be glucosamine, and something else called chondroitin. These are typically sold together, creating the perfect supplement for building up the cartilage in your knees. All of these strategies working together will provide you with the best possible outcome if you want to reduce or eliminate the pain in your knees successfully. If you can only do one of these things, simply take time off from activities that strain your knees so they will stop hurting.

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